Pedal Thread


So I decided to make a thread all about pedals. Feel free to suggest your favorites or what you think is best, worst, lightest, heaviest, strongest, weakest or whatever. Pictures would be awesome as well. There it is so have at it!:smiley:

i like these although there small they have lasted me a few months,in that time i learnt pedal and crank grabs and did some big drops:)

becuase my last pedals bearing are going bung im upgrading to these mmmmmmmmmmm titanium,

check these out ,Stainless steel body ,life time warranty ,sealed ,4 bearings,replaceable pins ,very nice.

Josh from udc had these on his muni. They are super awesome where do you get them.

I WANT! :astonished:


Glow in the dark twisted PCs:

I think they would look nice crankflipping in the dark.

They’re avaliable at MDC too, but I’m not sure if they would glow after TOO much sun! Some glow in the dark stops to glow after too much sun…

the best pedals in terms of price are

DXs, they are
low maintinance

and great pedals in general

How good are the twisted PC’s? I’ve bought some, but havent got a trials uni to test them on (yet)

nice! i have glow in the dark cielenckis on my coker, maybe other members of my uni family will get these!

right now i’m riding pc’s on three of my unis, they work awesome, but i think i’ll put metal pedals back on my muni.

the last metal ones i used (and liked) were these:

my wife wanted them, so i gave them to her and figured i’d give pc’s a try.

These ones are nice!
I liked the purple!

The best pedals I have ever used on my unicycle are the cheap plastic ones that came on it. I’m still using them and I’ve not exactly been going easy! Here they are:

They’re also the cheapest pedals you can buy from UDC!

These pedals are super light (15.2 oz) for not being plastic, mag. or not having a Ti axle. Not very ($90) expensive either.
Anyone use them before?

Those are awesome! Colorful! Resistent (Last longer than my MG1s)! Good Feeling… AND KRISZ KOVACS uses this pedal, so you can use too!

Are you sure he uses them? Or did he use them?

In this video it looks like he is using different pedals; they are square, not rounded.

Look at them in his flat line at :37

those are sick…

too slick for my taste… not enough grip I like these served me well on my DX until they finally broke and even now they are still in a big enough piece to be able to ride with them and have most of their pins(only one chunk broke off) Plus they’re cheap. I have MG-1’s now, they may be light as all get out but they’re expensive and my old pedals were just as grippy and not much heavier.

I’d say Straitlines and Twisted PCs.

At UNICON he used those colorful pedals… Im not sure what he’s using right now!

PS: Nice video! and WTF Benny did in his hair?