Pedal Thread

I personally dont’ like those. Way to much grip for me and I dont really like there shape.

Twisted PC’s are the best pedal for street not to grippy and are good for grinding and light

I am looking for a good pair of metal pedals for all around street riding, anyone use any of these before? How did you like them?


Any other pedals in a $25-35 price range for unsealed or $55-65 for sealed?

I would like these to last a while should I get sealed or not? I will be riding in all kinds of weather with them. (would 2 unsealed last longer than 1 sealed?)

Jimmi C’s Fo’ Sho’

I hate those.

If you hate them then why post them?

I didn’t

I posted the trial mix ones

Ohh, I see now they are skinnier then the JC’s and not knurled.

I think the problem with a lot of the cheaper pedals is how easily the axle bends. Unless you’re willing to pay a lot of money you won’t get lightweight pedals that have the grip you want and the strength all round. I’m unsure whether it’s better to buy 10 pairs of really cheap pedals or one pair of expensive ones that will last for years.
The best pedals I have ever used (mainly on bikes) is the DMR V8/V12 (unsealed/sealed). They cost £20/£40 GBP or you can get them with a Ti axle for around £55-60. They are most definitely my favourite pedal on my BMX but I don’t know if they’d be a little too grippy for unicycling. Then again the pins in the pedals can be removed so that you can change how grippy they are.
So, after looking over the DMR pedals to closer detail, I have decided they are the best option and give you good value for money.
They’re also available in a huge range of colours with ‘Pimp’ kits to upgrade pins and bolts etc.

Where do you get those?

Was that aimed at me? If so, then they are pretty easy to get hold of. In the UK they are available in pretty much all LBS and every mail order bike shop.

I had a quick search on the interweb and I didn’t find any on any US mail order shops, but I don’t know any actual places to buy bike stuff from in the US. There are a couple of pairs of V12’s and a couple of pairs of V12’s on the US ebay. Might be worth searching your usual mail order sites.

where do you get these?

Oh:( and there was me thinking somebody wanted to talk to me!

Sorry, I was talking to you. Anyway, these look intriguing. It doesn’t look like they have enough pins though.

Your link doesn’t seem to be working.

I’m thinking of buying odyssey plastic pedals…
Are they strong enough to street riding?

Ultimate link fail!

Primo Plastics?

So, i finally purchased myself some Twisted Pc’s the other day and i love them! i was really torn between those and the Animals though, i think i made the right decision. Great pedal.

I saw these at the BMX store too
I remember i use to ride the big blocky Primos on my old 24" street, anyone here tried them yet?

I love those pedals. I have a pair of them in white and they are awesome.

I also have a pair of Animals, which are awesome.

I have another pair of Mg1’s with Ti spindles which are awesome!

And I have axiom double jumps which aren’t awesome but are pretty good.

I’ve gone through a few other pedals as well that aren’t worth mentioning.

I think those are gonna be my next pedals I try. I am not to sold on the knurled surface. They looks pretty good for flat tho.