feet slip why.

Can someone help me explain why sometimes my feet slip when I am riding. Do you think it could be because of what I wear on my feet. Or do you think it is because I have only just started to ride. Has anyone got any ideas of how to resolve this problem.

It could be that you’re new, your shoes, your pedals or a combination.

5:10 shoes have the reputation of being the grippiest in the b*ke community. I like shoes w/ a definate heal, others preffer flat soled shoes.

Pedals w/ more and/or longer pins would help. Pedal Thread.

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  • You might have slippery shoes
  • You might have slippery pedals
  • You might be a beginner rider
  • You might not be making circles with your feet [/LIST] Could be all of the above, for a new rider. Even experienced riders sometimes lift a foot off the pedal, especially when riding fast. With practice, your spin will improve and your feet will trace the right-sized circle to match your crankset.

    As a beginning rider, you probably don’t want to be using pedals with metal pins yet. Even plastic pins make a big difference if they nail your shins, but something smoother is better for starting out.

    For better feedback, tell us about your shoes, your pedals and your amount of time riding so far.

  • I’m also a new rider, and had similar problems when I got tired. I bought new pedals ($19 blue DX Muni pedals from UDC). Problem solved. (Possible new problem: pins hurt. Also buy shin guards.)


    I am also a new rider and I was having a lot of trouble but with practice I found that my feet didn’t slip anymore.:slight_smile: