Today is was raining. When the rain stop I when out side for some trials. Only to found out that, when the pedal get wet, your feet start to slip. Does any know if there is a non-slip pedal.

Yes, I will introduce one next unicon. It won’t have pins, but will offer the same amount of grip, especially when wet.
I tried the prototype for a while, and it lasts pretty good, and doesn’t do too much damage to shoes.
Further it will be very thin, so your feet is need the center of the ax (in stead of on a big block).
And it will suit with indoor unicyclists needs (no floor damage possible).
It will be available with heath-treated CroMo axes and optional with titanium axes.

Because I will get new materials and special tools soon I wont show the proto-type yet, but you can expect it within one month.
Yesterday I rode on a normal (freestyle) pedal again, and actually I felt uncomfortable (while this kind of pedal served me for almost 18 years).

TONS of stuff in the pedal thread.

pedals that have rubber on them maintain most of their grip, but when wet you are mainly looking at pedals w/ metal pins or longer pins.

IMO set crews have a lower manuverability to grip ratio than pins or regular skrews. Same is true w/ fewer longer pins vs. more shorter pins.


Can some please help me to understand what skilewis74 means by thsi.

My first thought was a typo of THIS, but I didn’t use that word.

They have heat-threated CroMo steel axes (titanium axes available on request).
The final version will have the grip straight on the tube.
I expect them to cost around E 65,- (but I hope/wish to keep the price lower).
They will be available for sale soon after UNICON at
Pre-order requests you can send to info(a)

That’s an interesting idea. It’s like putting grip tape on worn out plastic pedals except far more durable. I’d like to know how well it works for other disciplines besides freestyle as well.

It looks neat! any idea how heavy they are?