Upgrading my Torker CX

Many years ago I learned to ride on my friends old schwinn. Then through fate I had some store credit somewhere and they had the Unistar Torker CX I bought. I started riding off road and bent a rim once, so upgraded that. Then the Uni sat for many years…

Until my friend bought a Torker DX and we started riding again, and more offroad downhill…so I decided on some upgrades.

First I put on a new tire, 24"x 2.125" CST I found for $20 shipped on ebay. Nice deep tread. Felt great on the trail last weekend. Just barely rubs my frame… May trim the outer treads 1/2 down to get clearance.

Then I upgraded my original pedals by drilling holes and screwing in 1/2" long stainless set screws…Now I have adjustable grip on my original pedals.

The next thing I want to do is replace the saddle… On Ebay there is a LX saddle and post for $45 shipped, and also a DX saddle for $55 shipped. I want to measure my friends DX saddle mounting bolts to check if the DX would bolt onto my CX seat post.

IMO it’s not worth upgrading that uni. Just get a Nimbus Muni, be done w/ it, spend less, and wind up w/ a much better setup than upgrading. Nice cheap mods you’ve done so far :o

If u don’t have $310 I’d keep it stock, treat it lightly, and only replace what breaks or wears out while saving for your good Muni.

Beat me to it,

The LX saddle will not go onto the CX post. I’m pretty sure that the DX will though.

Really, that unicycle isn’t worth upgrading. The wheel won’t be very strong and there isn’t much you can do about it cheaply.

Yea I know it’s not the strongest, and it’s not worth dumping a lot into it…My original rim bent like a taco when I landed a 2ft drop. But it’s what I have, and works well for the limited terrain I’ve been riding. Going from the old 1.75" street tire to this 2.125" tire was like night and day off road, as you could imagine. The pedal upgrade helped a lot too…I was looking at pedals and $50 was way more than I wanted to spend to upgrade my CX, like you said it’s not worth putting more into it than it cost new…so I found a way to make it better for cheap.

I’d love to find a deal like my friend did. He got a 9yr old DX that was NEVER ridden for $65.

The LX Saddle on ebay comes with a seat post, I just have to measure mine to be sure it’s the same size…but I might ask peoples opinions on which is better to get, the LX or DX saddle.

A more comfortable saddle is the last thing I will replace to make this CX better for me to ride. I learned the wheel’s limit, and plan to stay under it. I doubt I’ll invest in another new uni, I never know when I may lose interest for another few years haha…but I’ve been having fun on this ride.

So far I think I’ve only spent $25 on these upgrades…a new saddle $45-55. So I might have another $75 invested to make my uni how I like it and improve my riding ability also. Not a bad return in my opinion.

Sounds like you’re having fun with it, and that’s the important thing. Keep at it!

If you are happy with it, then good. You re-purpose most of those parts later if you want.

The seat post it comes with will not fit a torker CX. You can measure, but I know from experience that it doesn’t fit.

I replaced the saddle on my old CX with a nimbus gel, and found that to be far more comfortable then the LX saddle. I haven’t tried a DX saddle, but I do know that right now you can get a Kris Holm saddle from UDC (unicycle.com) for only $50 that should be compatible with your current seatpost.

I only run Kris holm saddles… i have had several debates with my borther about the different saddles…

I own:

Velo - GARBAGE (hated every second i used it and caused me ball pain)
Nimbus Gel - 6/10 I can live with it but its meh
KH Fusion street - Delightful! 9/10 (starts feeling stiff after about 3 hours of solid riding)
Kh Fusion free ride - 9/10 feels like you are reclined in a sofa… but its bulky, to bulky for some trials stuff.

your saddle will be the difference between pounding out a 1 hour ride and a 10 hour ride >_<

The LX is 25.4 & CX 22mm so won’t fit. DX fits your post though.

Pedals is one mod u can transfer to any uni. There are some good pedals for not much $(Nukeproof Electons). I’d get thin ones. Check the pedal thread in the review section.

You are correct. The LX saddle comes with a 25.4mm post while my CX has a 22mm post. Someone from the community has offered me a LX Pro/DX saddle for a good price, so I’ll probably go with that.

I’ll ride this CX like this for a while and build my skills. If I stick with it and decide I want to expand my options and buy a new uni, I’ve been thinking I would like something bigger like a 26" or 29" Muni.