Koxx-one Vs. Kris Holm

what would be a better unicycle for trials? what are the differences and what is the good and bad of each one?

i would have to say Kris Holm produces the best uni’s at this time in life.

The aluiminum frames are very light and great quality, & also wont rust and be more phrone to breaking.

The hub & cranks on the KH uni’s are arguably (sp?) the strongest/best on the market. They are lighter than the Koxx-One hub & cranks also.

As for rims, The koxxone rims and KH rims are both very great, although the koxx tryall rims are 47mm wide and the KH rims are 42mm wide.

So i would have to say KH maked some great uni’s, but that doesn’t mean the Koxx uni’s are bad, they are still really good.

yeah but its hard to beat the looks of the k1

I think they both look cool but looks dont make a good unicycle.
do you think the aluminum is stronger then the metal use on koxx-one?
what are other difference between the two?
has anyone rode both which did you like more and why?
another difference is the price Koxx-one are cheaper then Kris Holms
but I prefer to pay more for quality and its seems they are pretty close in quality
so I dont know

i dont know if the aluiminum is any stronger than the steel the koxx frames are made from,but the aluiminum is lighter, and lighter is better.

id say go with the KH because its an overall stronger ( hub and cranks) and lighter uni. Just get a KH

yeah I know I am definately leaning towards a Kris Holm I just wanted to see how comparable they are Ill prolly get one at the end of this month and it’ll most likely be a KH to bad the 06 model is not out yet cause I wanna get one soon the differences are not to major so its all good

They are both good unicycles. However, I do not like the frame on the koxx unicycle. Mostly due to it’s bearing holders. Those will make your bearings wear out quicker. I’ve also heard no problems with the aluminum KH frames, so that puts it ahead since it is lighter. I think both wheelsets are about equal, especially the hubs and cranksets. Though the koxx hub is an international standard ISIS hub, so that is a big plus.


yeah isnt the KH’s bearing housing specially cut to fit the bearings perfect or something? Also how big of a difference is the weight? I know the KH is like 12lbs How much is the Koxx-one?

If unicycle.uk.com is to be trusted, the Koxx-One weighs “6kg - almost as light as the Kris Holm Trials unicycle” (6kg = about 13 pounds)

yeah on the Koxx-One website it says under 6kg but I never seen acutal weight anywhwere

if i had to choose one i would choose the KH 20" trials

are the isis hub and cranks aygood…i just wanted to kno because i think im going to buy that hub and crankset.

will that even fit ur frame??

i think it will…the bedford frame is very multipurpose…

I just ordered a KH Trials should be here soon Ill let you guys know how I like it

They vary slightly, but it is only very slightly under 6kg.

We use a very accurate postal scale for our weights, it should be accurate. A top tip… don’t believe a manufacture about weights, especially tyre manufacutres. We have found some that are 50% heavier than they claimed. Pedals are probably the next worst with very few being actually what they claim.


I always assume that the manufacture is being truthful when they say their whats but i guess not.


Weight Weenies can help you check exactly how much non-specific parts weigh (like pedals & tyres, etc). Not much use for unicycle based items, I might start a small database of measurements collected from UDC’s listings, and my own measurements. I’m so glad I said that, now I feel like I might actually do it…

KH vs Koxx wise, I think you’ll find this small debate has been raging on, and on, and on, and on for quite some time now. In the UK, its an easy choice, since the Koxx is comparable for strength (apart from the rim, which is considerably weaker than the KH) but significantly less expensive. Over here at least (trials wise);

Nimbus (the original cotterless trials) is for younger riders, learners and less extreme use. I’ve not seen a broken one since the upgraded hub a few years ago, and I don’t know how big you could go on one before things started to fall apart. The cheapest trials uni, great for kids who want to Muni and hop about. A good base to upgrade from in stages.

Qu-ax is for light, younger riders who aren’t going massively big, and people who want splines on a budget. The saddle isn’t the best, the frame is nicely finished and has plenty of clearance. Qu-ax do make a rather nice Alu frame as an upgrade however, with Maggie bosses on it. The seatpost is slightly thicker than the Hoppley, but the rim is weaker and the crankset isn’t nearly as strong. Was the standard for cheap-but-strong trials use, but now the Hoppley may take much of its market.

Nimbus (the new Hoppley) is great for heaver riders, or those wanting to go big on a budget. A great combination of tried-and-tested equipment, the Nimbus II frame is strong & functional, with plenty of clearance and a nice paintjob. Seatpost is CrMo, adding weight but is cheap to replace if it bends, and is knurled to stop twisting during long drops or bad landings. Saddle is 2nd behind the KH Fusion for comfort & suitability for trials & street. The virtually indestructible 04 KH Hub/Crankset requires more maintenance that an equivalent modern set but will last for years of hard abuse. The rim is the best out there, a 19" KH freeride, eyeletted and designed to take the harshest of abuse.

Onza is the slightly cheaper alternative to the KH, for people who go big but can’t afford a full whack £310 to go Pro. Its got the hub & cranks, and a nice solid rim, it just loses out on seat comfort, weight and frame design. It’s heavier, the saddle isn’t a Fusion or a Gel but its strong and comfortable, with a nice cover to match the overall design. I’ve used one (with the 04 hub) for a year and I’m very happy with it. The pedals are also worthy of mention, being hugely grippy and strong enough for the harshest trials.

The Koxx is a light and nimble beast, capable of withstanding the harshest of drops and staying true. The Isis hubset is versatile, strong and light, the frame is classically designed and sits closer to the tyre than other trials models. Its only downfalls are the rather less than perfect saddle, and the thin & weak alu seatposts, which snap all too easily. The cheesehole rim is uneyeletted and on big drops spokes will rip through it, and the extra width over the KH only serves to reduce strength more. The tyre is a very soft compound, offering plenty of grip but at the expense of rapid tyre wear.

The KH is obviously in a league of its own, price and performance wise. The best hub & crankset coupled with the lightest trials frame on the market, along with a KH rim and fusion saddle. A uni that will last for years without upgrade or replacement, you pay for the privelige, being £70 dearer than the next most-expensive alternative. It will last the longest, but it costs the most.

Unless you are buying one now from UDC UK as for the last 2 months they have been on special offer at the same price as the Koxx Devil.

If I could afford on I would get one while they are so heavily discounted but having just bought a new Muni (KH24 Freeride (also discounted)) I can’t get one just yet

I just hope the offer lasts