Hubs: KH vs. Koxx-One

Which hub/crank set do you think is better? Yoggi is a crazy biznitch, but does he bend isis cranks? I think I know Kris doesn’t go through his cranks. Tube strength versus the sideways flat/solid design? Personal experiences?

Isis hub:
Isis cranks:

Kris hub/cranks:


well kh is stronger… thats about all I can say

Yoggi has a different style of riding than Kris. I’ve seen them both. Where Yoggi does switch to seat out only if necessary, Kris switches to seat in only if necessary :slight_smile:
Kris doesn’t drop from 3 metres, and Yoggi doesn’t care that much (about anything, heh).
I’d say they’re both strong, yet I prefer KH.

I have heart that both bended on little drops, but I think this can happen with every hub if the rider land a drop hard.

Kris has done high drops with his hub and Yoggi to, but Kris lands the drops very smooth and controlled, Yoggi does 3m drops but I never has see him landing one. I think you could not really say which hub is better but I personally would prefer the KH.

I preffer the koxx one because of the cranks, they have no q-factor and no knubs, so it doesnt hurt you knees.

Also the cranks are squared so you can grind better!!!

There was a thread like this a while ago, which compared the KH and the Profile and involved the Koxx. The problem is that no one has subjected both hubs to an objective test. However, in the earlier thread, Roger (Davies, the head honcho at in Britain) made the point that the fundamental design of the KH hub (which he helped design, IIRC) makes it the strongest hub available. I would tend to believe him.

What about a crank could hurt your knees? Does the q-factor have to do with how far the pedals are from the wheel? Like |: :expressionless: as opposed to : :/?

Alright, cool. Which fundaments was he talking about? The Koxx-one interface is tapered, and that is supposed to limit the eventual noise/shifting.

Alright, here to set the record straight, is the thread is was referring to. It is a thread comparing Profiles and Koxxes, but Roger brings up the KH/Onza hub (which he helped design), and states that it is the strongest hub currently in production (and light, too). Enter Kris, who explains the motivation for developing said hub, and the KH rims, too. It’s a great read, and I would definitely bow to Roger’s and Kris’ superior knowledge, and publicly say that the KH/Onza hubs are the best. Not that I use it, as I’ve got the '04 Kris Holm with the older-generation hub. However, my friend halfbike has that hub on his 20" Onza trials, and loves it (which he shows by stomping around on it and generally subjecting it to all kinds of abuse). Pretty dang strong.

The weigh is almost the same and the same happends with the strength.

So yo can choose just the one that has the shape that you like more. I like the koxx because it has no knubs, no q factor and more surface for grinding. other people has other opinions, this is mine.

If you are going really hard you should buy a profile because you would like your stuff to be guarranted. If not you can buy any splined set you want!!

Never heard of someone bending a Koxx hub or Koxx cranks. Koxx Cranks used to have troubles with the steel part on wich pedals are screwed but this has been solved (as far as I know: I got the new kranks a month ago but couldn’t ride much since the french uni cup… I’ll tell you if the problem ain’t solved that way but the new cranks seem to be bombproof)

Qu-Ax :wink:

Ok, maybe not the strongest, but strong enough, and not as pricey as the other lot.

Alright, here to set the record straight, is the thread is was referring to.


What Kris said in that thread totally sold me on the KH/Onza set.

I think he sold me on his whole unicycle.

Which one is stronger? I think you need quantitative testing to determine that. You can’t compare Kris and Yoggi riding on them, as they have different styles. Furthermore, most everyone else has different styles. In fact, Kris and Yoggi, probably do not put as much stress on the unicycles as most everyone else, because they are very good riders and know the techniques that reduce the stress on themself and on the unicycles.

The bottom line here seems to be that they are both great hubs, and until we have actual quantitative numbers, we wont know what is stronger for the average unicyclist. Other than strength, there are many other factors in choosing a unicycle, so between these two hubs and the unicycles that they are available on, I think you need to look at the other components and choose what’s best for your use.

The koxx is stronger.

oh this is a silly question really, they are both superb hubs.

The KH is the more sophisticated design, it has the better hub/flanges design, hence better overall wheel strength and has a larger Q-factor on the cranks. (on the side… Koxx cranks do have an offset, just not as big as the KH… it is just riding preference here, big Q is more delicate on control, smaller is smoother.)

The Koxx uses the superb ISIS interface for the cranks. It has a crude design (but aesthetically nice, IMO), but with a relatively heavy crank and crude hub. Superb basic strength! very ridged! (Be warned this puts more load on the to rim and spokes, hence breakages…)

Both are a massive improvement on 2 years ago! They are both way beyond what the majority of riders on this forum could possibly assess.

My advice is always buy what is appropriate for your riding style… thankfully there is not one answer. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty sure you mixed up “qualitative” with “quantitative”…In my understanding:

Qualitative: Crankset X looks strong, breaks once in awhile.
Quantitative: Crankset X fails catastrophically with Y Newtons of total downward force applied to the pedals.

The “Y Newtons” provides the quantity that makes the observation “quantitative”.

Yup, thanks for pointing out my errors. :slight_smile:

I’ve only ever used koxx one hub/cranks, i have to sets of them: 125mm cranks for my trials/street uni and 110mm cranks for my street/freestyle uni.
They are great, but i wouldent recomend them for muni because they have no q-factor. I do 1.6 meter drops with no complaints. Koxx one are definatly better for the price.