Koxx 1 ISIS or KH/Onza hub?

i recently snapped my crappy bike shop hub, so i need a new one.

i don’t really like the q-factor although i could get used to it.

I am juggling between the K1 ISIS 8 spline and the KH/Onza 36 spline. Any advice out there? I don’t think i will break either… at least not for a while.


I’ve got the Koxx isis 10 splined hub and i like it. I did some 2 meter drops and it didn’t bend(me is 60kg heavy). The Koxx cranks have no q-factor which the KH/Onza ones have. But if you look from the side on them the Koxx cranks aren’t flat on the top, which makes leg around seat difficult. It hink it’s easier with the KH/Onza ones. But i didn’t ride a KH or Onza yet, so i can’t really tell you what’ better.

There are people who like the Koxx best and there are som who like the KH/onza best.(There are also some who like the Prolfile and qu-ax…)

KH/ONZA is i dont know… i lik KOXX

they will both stand up fine for u ed!

the only difference with them, is the kh cranks are more tubular, and the koxx cranks are more oval shaped, the kh have some q-factor, and yet the koxx cranks dont!

and the koxx cranks dont creak at all (i dont think) and the kh cranks and hub do creak a bit but can be fixed with maintenance, but the creaking doesnt have nething to do with the strength

i vote kh/onza

KH/onza has a q factor and koxx doesn’t…Kh is lighter…both really strong.


ahaha nice pick up spencer, maybe hes trying to tell us something : :astonished:

not that theres nething wrong with that ahahaa

i have q factor on my NEW kh/onza hub… and isnt that a good thing??

q factor makes you wobble when you ride fast e.g. for a rolling hop and i suppose also when riding skinnys…but… it keeps your ankles well clear on the crank bolt so no more bloody ankles :wink:

kris holms uses the kh/onza hub… therefor q-factor and he is crazy at riding skinnys so it cant be too bad i guess…

Well something like q factor doesn’t make really good riders worse. It is more of a preference thing I think, I don’t mind it for riding but when I grind rails it is easier for the rail to get wedged between the crank and tire. I like it though because I used to ride 03KH trials cranks and I always had bloody ankles.

i believe the part with the q-factor all comes down to preference, and even if u r worried about the q-factor making u wobble or wat not… u shouldnt, becoz even tho there is a slight angle, u will eventually and if not pretty quickly get used to the q-factor and just use it to its advantages!

Oh dear… WHAT a ‘MITSAKE’!!! oops! :astonished:

another mistake :wink:

u mite wanna try typing a bit slower

lol is all i ahve to say!!!

like everyone else here has said, it personal preference. kh cranks are good for some things and koxx cranks are good for other things.

Its up to you. the only thing is that shipping to australia is gonna be a whole lot cheaper for the kh hub/cranks.



haha, yer chris!

you wish you could ride koxx dont you? :stuck_out_tongue:

when i get my koxx you could ride it… ride my koxx that is…

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