Koxx-one Vs. Kris Holm

Im sooo glad i bought mine, no joke its great. Thanks Roger for the great uni and service,espicially with my old nimbus rim.


Thanks for that great post Loosemoose, I think that is probably the best post I have seen here in the winter months. Maybe you should elaborate a bit on it and put it as a tutorial to help quell the uni a vs uni b threads.

I am making an exel document with as many uni parts as I can find. When I am done I will post it and people can add more.

the KH is on sale on unicycle.co.uk shop thing, but is that this years model, or a newer one coming out?

koxx wheel+kh frame= ownage lightness

The Kris Holm-Onza crankset isn’t stronger than the Koxx One Isis crankset, my friend bent the 140mm KH Onza cranks in less than a week, and bent brand new 127mm KH Onza cranks in 2 days (no joke). He eventually went on to snap the KH Onza hub spindle on one side during a London street ride. (Roger Davies, you will know about this well :p)

And just 3 days ago, he snapped his Kris Holm 2005 blue trials frame at the bottom of the seattube, the crown if you like. bit surprising, but he is a go nuts and go big rider. Bending Profile 145mms in a week and all… Yet he hasn’t ever broken a Nimbus II frame for the amount of years of abuse its been through. The Koxx One crankset that came on the Devil is still going really strong with him.

Qu-Ax 127mm cranks are very strong as well, those are the only other pair of cranks he has never broken or bent at all, i guess round tubular cranks like KH Onza and Profile are more prone to breakage than the solid aluminium Koxx cranks and Square tubed Qu-Ax cranks.

Mind you, he has destroyed Onza rims, Onza cranks, and DX32 rims… yet the Kris Holm 19" rim has had not trouble whatsoever, Koxx rims are cheese, like in the bike trials world, they are quite disliked by some riders due to their flat-spotting easiness and easy denting.

Kris Holm rim is the only really strong part that comes on 2005 KH trials unis I think.

In my opinion the KH/Onza is the best thing ever.

I bought a Koxx and after one big drop (2,50m in flat) the cranks are bent. The TryAll rim is still in a good condition.

My old 03 Onzahub, which i used 2 years, is still not bend and it has taken many many bad drops and very very bad landings.

i find my koxx-one is cool but kris holm is the best
the devil isn’t very strong(the rim and the seat tube are bad)but it’s 5.8kg and the kris holm 5.5kg

Is your freind heavy?

Does he have bad landings?

How big is he going?


Judging from all that he has broken, it must be a mixture of all three of those factors.

My friend, Joe… we measured him to have handle-sidehops to tyre about 2 inches off Kris Holm’s maximum to tyre. His pedal-stalls/grabs stand at around 47" or so absolute tops. He is not chunky/heavy in weight, he is not unsmooth, he just goes huge. He has done this really good dropgap in London, England called the ‘St. Pauls’ gap which many bike trials riders can just about do. Which is about a 9ft drop with a 10 foot gap… over a fountain. Pretty damn huge.

He destroyed all components of the KH-Onza 2005 wheel except the Kris Holm rim.

He is doing perfectly fine with his Koxx-One crankset, and has never ever broken a set of 127mm Qu-Ax cranks for KH 2004 hub nor a Nimbus II frame which he has used the longest.

Just to give you an idea of what he puts through his parts…

Koxx One has a stronger trials frame, a stronger hub, arguably stronger cranks, but a weaker rim than KH.

I would love to see this on a video =p

I think you could not generalise the two hubs, Marco bent the koxx fast and the Onza/KH still is in god condition.

Im liking the KH so far Ive had it for about a week it takes 3ft drops
good been doing alot of trials and no problems yet I love the big tire smoother landing compared to all the freestyle unis I had

Nope, I know know who he is and he is apparantly one of the best trials riders in Britain, he does go crazy huge and all that, so i can see how all that would work.


Please take that back… in your opinion it might be… But it always depends on he rider and how he rides,lands etc…Alot of people go pretty huge with the kh unicycles and never break them… for an example shaun johanesson cranckflipin 8 stairs, or ryan atkins doing his insane trials…Also it’s prooven that the kh hub makes a stronger wheel build… There is so many threads that have already been made about this I dont even get why no body told you to use to search button, anyways it’s all good. :slight_smile:

In my eyes the Koxx frame is ok, but there is nothing special on it. It is nearly the same than the nimbus, quax, onza, hadibe and bedford frame.

You measured that did you sponge? Cos I did, last weekend, and it’s a 4.5ft gap with a 5.5ft drop… Not huge, I’ve done as big, if not slightly bigger. The landing is narrow & wet, making it very precarious thing to attempt. But its not a drop that would be as hard on equipment as you say…


Ive done about that big on my DX, havent broke a thing, nor bent it, i do get a few creaking sounds, but i tighten my spokes and its gone, and from the video, it didnt seem all that big, to make the landing, yes, but it wasnt as big as i expected

<3 uni’s

It seems to me that all the “name brand top of the line” uni’s are going to be very strong and take a good amount of abuse. Theres just a lot of different factors and personal opinions/experiences that shape the way we think one is better than the other. When the difference in the first place is small.

I hear a lot of, “He broke KH, this guy broke Koxx1” theres a lot of factors to include there as well. From what I read on the forums and see in videos all these unicycles are really freaking strong any way you look at it.

-End of story

Koxx is hot. But KHU Is beutiful :slight_smile: (donnu how to spel xD)