Koxx 1 or Kriss Holm 08

which is better out of the two? which is more expensive? which is of a better make? opinions and reviews greatly lean me towards my next unicycle

Thanks all

bump. wow im surprised noone has answered… i feel so lonely

feel lonely no more!!

A simple search reveals many things about this.

More here

Kh. Period. Get the longneck unless your a midget. You can cut it down if you like. I doubt you will need to. They have a trial and street version. Street version has a new double crown design. Cool beans. Also has ‘rollo disks’, a bit you attach to the cycle to make it better for flat. Right now kh is the stuff.

Long necks are 300mm. I ride my post slammed. Love it.

K1 with KH hub/cranks & street rim