Pros+Cons of Companies

I thought that it would be cool to have a thread explaining what you like and don’t like about certain unicycle companies.

For example…

What do people like in Kris Holm unicycles? Nimbus? Koxx?

I think this will really help people who are interested in purchasing new components for their unicycles or even whole unicycles.

I’ll start:

Pros: High quality (durable), lightweight, cheap, upgradeable
Cons: Some could argue quality, but I find nothing wrong with these unicycles.

Pros: lightweight, very durable, comfort, upgradeable
Cons: Cost

I personally really like KH because:

  1. I really like the design of the frame compared to the nimbus and quax. I don’t like the point things on them.

  2. Lightweight and usable for any type of riding.

  3. Feel good!!!

I think nimbus is going to have a big future with unicycling ( even though its great right now).

i feel KH has a better reputation because you know whos behind the products.

I really do like the nimbus unis though, they’re not terrible at all i think that they’re just a little behind the curve thats all ( but they’re catching up ;))

Does Nimbus have a website?


Yes, I’m not 100% sure of the story, but I believe the Nimbus name comes from Roger Davies, and he uses it on many of the products he’s designed for UDC. Others bear the UDC name.

Company: Schwinn
Pros: Classic unicycles, awesome giraffe unicycle from 1977-83 excellent name-recognition among new riders who grew up with the Schwinn brand
Cons: No more giraffes, design is very outdated

Company: Miyata
Pros: Excellent Freestyle unicycles
Cons: Difficult/expensive to get in the US, company only seems interested in the Freestyle/general riding market

Company: Coker
Pros: Invented the Coker (which means “created” the 36" unicycle market)!
Cons: New Cokers can’t be all things to all people, but fill some niches just fine

So really we are just talking about the pros and cons of unicycle brands, and not the company, yeah?

Kris Holm


Light - Strong - Built well - Good warrenty


Price (kind of pricey) - Frame issues (older models (05,06,07))

That’s all I can think of.


Yeah, I knew company wasn’t the right word, but I couldn’t remember the other word:D

Agreed, when I got my first KH 20", it was the only uni I would ever ride, even for Muni.

WOW!! MAX SCHULZE just quoted something i said!! :smiley: jk but yeah i know exactly how you feel i can’t show someone a trick on there uni most of the time. Or it just feels weird. “KH just feels right!!” They should put that in a commercial! :stuck_out_tongue:

KH: What everyone else has said. Lightweight, strong, reliable, innovative. Available at lots of dealers besides UDC.

Pros: Low cost, wide variety of models, durable, available at discount from lots of places.
Cons: some cheap elements, heavy.

Pros: low-ish cost, good quality, wide variety of models.
Cons: heavier than KH, available only through UDC

Not taking shots at UDC here. I haven’t had any bad experiences with them. But I like to have choices when I’m buying something.

strong unis, very well supported, even if something does break, around 10 frames and rims going to some of the hardest riders imaginable(at this point) is understandable. if it breaks(hub/frame/rim) it gets replaced, unless you do something that is a no brainer and would break anything.

good out of the box quality, arguably better than KH
make street rims that are BEASTS

good quality all around, their unis serve the purpose very well, very few problems

cons: all unicycle brands
seatposts suck … have you ever heard of a stock uni (save nimbus) that kept its original seatpost

SEATS… seriously, 30 mins w/ a welder at my house (i’m not very experienced) made a seat 10x as strong as the stock ones. … really… NEW SEAT STIFFENERS!

handles: i’ve cracked the fins out of 4 already… but i’ve put a trial solution to my new one w/ hot glue between the fins, we’ll see how that turns out.

seat/seatpost fun
jacks up his price a lot, and we know it
18 or 19 signatures per unicycle… for real? come on now.

service, there is NONE
availability, when they get around to it
drugs? …really…
overpriced tires and other stuff.

UDC-service, i’ve had some bumps w/ them, but they do get sorted, good business w/ a couple of kinks.
can’t think of anything… really