If you could have any unicycle, what would it be?

If you could have any unicycle, and put whatever parts you wanted on it, what would it be? Please say what you would be doing, trials, street, muni ect. (IDK if this is the right section to post in so sorry in advance…)

I think I would have to have Gilby’s self-balancing unicycle.

Koxx One Alien Backflip

can it be magical?

It would be so awesome it would have 2 wheel?!?

i am working on my perfect unicycle. white KH frame, black cromo seatpost, nimbus gel saddle, KH 125 cranks, and an unbroken rim. Just need the CF base. white pedals and Try-all tire. I ordered the pedals this morning.:slight_smile:

For right now, just an off-the-shelf Coker 36" model.

All of them.

all i need is a cf seat, unbreakable guards/ permanently comfy handle, and a better way to hook the seat to the seatpost, then i’m set for good :slight_smile:

These 3 would be awesome. :astonished:


and this

I would love a KHG36 (geared) with a custom handle. This will be my next uni :smiley:
I would also like a KH frame or Triton on my gold Koxx wheel set, to replace my K1 frame. All I need is money and this will become reality :smiley: give it a few years at least though!

Triton frame (have it)
CF seat (have it although I would prefer a scott wallis base)
Thomson post
Ti ISIS hub
130mm hollow cranks (if the Qu-ax ones cames in 130mm they would be great)
KH rim (have it)
Eagle claw tire (have it)
Straightline pedals

For muni

KH muni
Thomson post
Scott Wallis base


Ti V frame
Mag brakes
Drilled airfoil
Ti ISIS hub
qu-ax aluminum ISIS cranks
Nightrider tire (notube conversion if possible)
One of those aluminum handle bar set ups I saw someone make on the forums.


Custom Ti Miyata that they have stopped production on.
A bit more room between the tire and the crown and the widest space they make for the crown.

I’m pretty sure I will be able to have all of these built up in the next couple years, at the very least the Trials since I already have a lot of it. Then the freestyle I doubt I will ever get even though it is my dream uni. I would also need four Scott Wallis bases to be able to make all of these, which although its possible I don’t know if it would ever happen.

i used to have a list on my bedroom wall
saying all the upgrades i wanted and the prices
but my mum took it off and said that i was being obsesive.

But it was something like this:

FRAME-kriss holm PCblack
SADDLE-alien backflip with CF base
HUB-koxx isis light
RIM-koxx drilled
CLAMP-1 bolt
CRANKS-koxx street 135
TYRE-white try-all

<If you could have any unicycle, what would it be?>

Whichever one that would let me ride like Xavier Collos or Kris Holm!:stuck_out_tongue:


For Brazillians is dificult to have unicycles, because you need to travel and buy them so any good trial/street unicycle would be welcome.

kh20 frame (have)
CF base (have)
cromo post (have)
odyssey twisteds, clear
quax wheel (on order)
shaved luna (have)

thats pretty much all a guy could want for street. im pretty stoked on getting this new wheel.

One of these:


only if they actually go and make better ones, I can go faster on a 20" with 140mm cranks then that thing runs(max 15km/hr)

though it does have a fair level of novelty value…

also, this can be described of most unicycles

a geared 36", or 29" doesn’t matter much on those two sizes with a brake and some nice handlebars , but most important would have to be the worlds most comfortable seat. something i could ride on for hours and hours, and i wouldn’t have my gonads sore when i got off