If you could have any unicycle, what would it be?

It comes standard on the auto-balancing unicycle–

and later–

and I fixed that for you:p
yes I did have a fit of obsession

and no, this last bit isn’t capitalized

Saddle: Scott Wallis CF with SIF grips, Death Grip and CF bumper and Ti hardware
Seatpost: Thompson Masterpiece and Ti hardware
Frame: Triton Sponge and Ti hardware
Pedals: Try-all Ti-nesium
Cranks: Profile Magnitanium
Hub: Profile with Ti spindle custom drilled for 32 holes and Ti hardware
Spokes: Any strong, light, and double-butted spokes
Rim: DOB magnesium rear rim
Tube: 16" (infinite supply, they would pop every week :roll_eyes: )
Tire: Monty EC