KH or custom K1 (for trials and street)

Hello i am wondering if I should get a…

07 KH from UDC ( )


custom K1 unicycle from Renagade (
-Orange Bud Frame
-Orande Undrilled Rim
-140mm or 135mm cranks (not sure yet)
-Luxury saddle
-Pitfighter seatpost
-Butterfly peadles
-Reinforced Hub

Or other? (maybe Bedford)

I am about 120lbs, I know the bacics (a few mounts, hopping one footed, can jump about a foot high side and foward) but do not want to buy a $300uni this year and a $550 uni in a few years, I am going to get the new uni in June, money is not a problem, anything else you need to know just ask…

Well first off if money is no issue I would go with an aluminum or titanium frame over the K1 CrMO frame. Your options would a be K1 Black Domina, KH frame, or Triton Sponge. <— that list is from weakest to strongest(theoretically), also heaviest to lightest.
There is also the K1 XTP, tho would not be ideal if you plan on doing street/flat foot on crown tricks.

As for the wheelset, I would go with renegade, IMO the Tryall tire is a better tire than the Creepy Crawler. Plus you will have rim options. At your weight there should not be a need for an undrilled rim. Some people have had problems with drilled tryall rims, tho most of us ridding them have no problems and they handle big drops fine.

You might want to think about the 135 street cranks if your going to be doing flatland… even if your not going to be doing that much flat ridding they are still nice for trials while being much better for street than the 140s.

I would also recommend maybe getting a KH street saddle instead of a K1, unless K1 has removable covers by the time you are planning on buying this.
One of the best upgrades you can do for you and your uni is a carbon fiber seat base. You will need a removable cover for carbon fiber.

These are my personal opinions for what I feel is the best route to go. You may find that there are things that I look for in a uni, you may not be looking for or thing you want that I dont care for.
Hope it helps

Sam pretty much summed up what I was going to say.

if you don’t want to spend $450 for a titanium frame, this is what I would do for a trials/ street machine.

KH street saddle
K1 Pit fighter seat post
K1 clamp (comes in pretty colors!)
KH frame
K1 rim (also comes in pretty colors!)
tryall tire
K1 street cranks + K1 hub
Twisted plastic pedals

Thanks, It looks like i will get a K1 wheelset (135 cranks, reinforced hub, (un?)drilled rim, tryall sticky tire, and pedals(?)), a KH frame and saddel, and a pitfighter seatpost.

Thanks again

I’m about 100lbs and i ride a Drilled Rim… I really like the drilled koxx wheel… I use drilled rims in my trials bikes. And i never had problems!

The undrilled is stronger… but you is light… So the drilled is Ok i think… A The drilled comes in more cool colours!!! (Ask robert on Renegade… He made my custon DH)…

bye and enjoy your new toy!

i prefer the quax alu seatpost over the pitfighter. Its just like 1/3 of the pitfighter price and also very strong. You need a shim then though…

And i would get a drilled rim and maybe a CF seatbase if you want.

Personally I use what mornish said, the Odessy twisted plastics. I had a pair of the butterfly pedals that came with my K1… they are super grippy(a little to grippy for street). Also, they have the kind of pins that will strip out. It would be cheaper to buy a pair of jim C’s(or something similar) and a pair of plastic pedals. This way you have an option to use plastic or metal and IMO have two sets of pedals both better then the 24 butterflys.

Thanks again. I will probaly go with (unless there are new poducts in June)…

-KH Fusion Street Gel Saddle
-Pitfighter Seatpost
-K1 seatpost clamp
-KH '05-'07 Frame
-K1 Undrilled Rim
-K1 Reinforced Hub
-Try All Sticky Tire
-K1 135mm Street Cranks

And for pedals…
-My Snafu pedals or other?

Any thing I should do differently?

plastic pedals like the fellows above suggested, or animal hamilton’s. they’re better than the jim c’s and i’ve gone through 2 sets of jim c’s, each lasting me over 6 months.

Sorry for threadjack but why does everyone want a CF base so bad?

You just described my uni except for the tire, cranks, and clamp…:slight_smile:

Because typically street riders will go through seats and seat posts very quickly. Having to buy a new seat and post every month or even every other month is a bit ridiculous. They break do to a mixture of pulling up on the handle and landing to far forward on our saddle. Once you weaken and/or crack the stiffener plate in the seat base you aluminum post is as good as broken itself.

A carbon fiber base solves the problem, while it may not be indestructible, it pretty much feels like it, compared to a plastic base. Also since the CF will not bend and flex your post is much less likely to break. CF base and CrMO post is super strong and one of the best ways to upgrade your uni. Along with being much stronger it is also lighter than a stock base. A CF base will also be more responsive and supportive for certain tricks.

Once you use ride with a CF base you wont want to ride anything else. The stock velo plastic bases feel heavy/overly flexy/and pretty much sloppy compared to CF.

I am currently using a pit fighter post under my CF base and it is holding up very well so far.

nice to know what my uni may look like. Do you consider that a custom KH or K1???

Haha, I usually call it a KH probably just because the frame is the most niceable piece of the uni. But I should probably call it a K1 bc more parts ar K1 than KH.

Maybe I should start just calling it the shameless?

Call it a KH1 or K1H or Koxx Holm. lol. Locks nice though (i may get orange rim orange clamp and orange seat).

Yeah sometimes i go with “The Gold Holm”