Best pictures of 2016 for World Unicycling Calendar

As has become tradition, let’s start a “Best pictures of 2016” thread. Alas, I don’t have really amazing pictures myself to contribute but this one is kind of funny. Found at a cycling track in the south of the Netherlands.

Also continuing the tradition from the last few years, I want to create again what I call the World Unicycling Calendar 2017, with pictures from 2016. The calendar will be available for free as a single downloadable pdf file to print a paper copy for yourself.
Previous calendars: 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016.

For the 2017 calendar, I will consider any pictures that get posted in this thread within the next, say, two weeks (whether they have been posted in another thread or not).

I will also browse through the “Pictures of your latest ride” thread for posts made in 2016, for additional pictures.

San Sebastian - Unicon

Unicon 18 - Still Stand


San Sebastian - Unicon

San Sebastian

A great day riding a very difficult trail.

This is me on my 29er… Hope you like it

are you on facebook? my best pics are there, and i really want to be in the calender :slight_smile:

I am. What is your name on facebook?

Found you.

Havanna (Feb)

Early February, just before Obama announced to come to Cuba, I was there to practice there with my acro-partner (Doramis).
This still was shot among the boulevard, where we practiced daily, in the middle of Havanna.
First day we met a BMX of Cirque du Soleil. Another day -when I was wearing my shirt of UNICON of Langenthal- a German couple showed up, and he told me he got the non-staff version of it.
Unfortunately having the Cuban nationality is worse than having no nationality, and so the visa of my partner didn’t finish in time. Aside from the costs of UNICON that was burning money really rapidly.
The results of the trainings was nice, but being unable to share it was disappointing.


In 1999 some anonymous person posted on my guestbook that my site was like muk, and I would be cool when riding on a cement-mill.
I appreciate constructive criticism, and always like to improve, and so I added the helicopter, and replace the mill with a truck.

Took me 17 years of search and research. Main issue is that barely any countries air regulation allows lifting without lift, especially not in SAR operations.
But while Max Verstappen was riding his F1 race in Budapest (and brought many fans from The Netherlands to Hungary), I simultaneous rented an entire airbase, a helicopter and cement-mix truck.
Having fear of heights, hanging underneath a helicopter, with no communication was an amazing feeling. But it was only possible by people who are lifesavers in daily life. For example that helicopter is the most efficient fire-fighting helicopter. Needless to say the pilot has years of experience with this aircraft.

The unicycle I used just came ready in time, and is my own design, named “Gino”, made of CNC’ed titanium, which worked out great, and is meant for pair acrobatics. I already got the idea when doing track-bicycling on very old steel bikes. Funny to see another brand suddenly uses the same concept. I will await their compliments, and in the meanwhile focus on my own, and hope 2017 or 2018 could become a better year.


Another of the same event.

@Klaas; at request I can supply a better resolution for the PDF than the 800 pixel maximum of the forum’s software.

Unicon 18 - Muni

No helicopters, just snow.

This year I got some pictures organized for this thread!

They will let you right-click save. Enjoy! Most of this year’s are from Unicon 18 in Spain.

Me riding in Switzerland during the RI.UNI.TI this year:)

At Vatnajökull, Iceland

A lot of great pictures John Foss. These are my favourites for a calendar:

Girl with extreme lean angle:

Group of blue unicyclists:

Race start:

Group ride: