WTB 24 inch frame

I am looking to buy a 24 inch frame with 42 mm bearing housings. I would prefer it to have a left side disc mount tab welded on but will use a D-brake if necessary. It can be aluminum or steel. Location is East Coast USA 28110

Steel frame not really compatible with D-brake
Choices are Impact or Nimbus or QX or RGB (or Triton or Flamberium)

Why is a steel frame not compatible with D-brake? I have seen ppl use them on nimbus 2 frames which are steel.

I would buy the nimbus 2 frame but they are sold out. I can get the oracle but figured i’d check the second hand market before i paid extra for that one

bearing housing on a steel frame is a pressed sheet of stell using bolt + nut while D-Brake is using bolt only plus contact between pressed sheet of steel and machined aluminium are not very good from mechanical point of view …

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But it is possible with an adapter. I run my 24" Qu-Ax steel frame with disc brake having no issues.
See here: Euer setup
A simpler setup is here: Euer setup

The d’Brake doesn’t care about using a nut or a thread in the frame. The only important thing is to hava a planar surface to transfer the force from the brake into the frame. More info here: Nimbus D-brake -vs- Mountain Uni UCM brake mounts


We produce Steel and Aluminum frames with brake tab.
Here the Steel frames
Here the aluminum frames

To see the right price and shipping cost I suggest to register and login.

Any question is welcome


Hi Marco, can you elaborate on the sizing of you CRMO frames please? I am assuming the XS-L sizing is for wheel size? If thats the case would a 24” be a S or M

Or am i totally missing something here :slight_smile:

URC by MAD4ONE Steel frames left mounting brake tab

On the “Extra-Small” you can mount tires up to:

  • the 20-inch wheel with tire 20 x 4.00

On the “Small” you can mount tires up to:

  • the 24-inch wheel with tire 24 x 4.00

  • the 26-inch wheel with tire 26 x 2.40

On the “Medium” you can mount tires up to:

  • the 26-inch wheel with tire 26 x 4.00

  • the 27.5-inch wheel with tire 27.5 x 3.50

  • the 28-inch wheel with tire 29 x 2.50

On the “Large” you can mount tires up to:

  • the 27.5-inch wheel with tire 27.5 x 3.50

  • the 28-inch wheel with tire 29 x 3.00

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Thank you :+1:t3:

Not always. Some steel frames use machined bearing blocks, like the Nimbus II for example.

The Nimbus frames that are steel (the Muni and road range) have a billet bearings housings (sometimes called a machined bearing housings), not pressed ones. So there is absolutely no problem in fitting the d’brake to them. In fact this was the main market for this product.

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Hi Roger, that is one of the reasons i have decided to hold out for the nimbus 2 to come back in stock for this build

Any idea when these will be available and will they have a brake mount?

Correct me if i’m wrong but i see three configurations… the club version with stamped housings, a machined version with no brake mount and the MUni version with brake mount

The Nimbus II is not a MUni or Road unicycle, they are freestyle… but they also make great universal unicycles which is why I guess you are looking at it. It is unlikely they will ever have a brake mount fitted on to them as standard.

The d’brake should work well on it. Especially the latest version which comes with an antivibration bar as standard.

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This is the frame i am hoping to buy. If not this one then i will get the version without disc mount and use the d-brake

I will be using it to complete my 24” freewheel

Ah, that one… they just don’t have the latest one. Next production run it will have the mounts on it. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thats what i wanted to hear :+1:t3:


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