Worst Injuries

Post All Of Your Worst Injuries Here, And Exchange Not-So-Fun Stories!:wink:

Not uni related but here goes.

Riding my families brand spanking new dirt bike on our land in west Texas, contacts weren’t in and didn’t notice how close to the drainage ditch I was, I crashed and snapped my leg bones like twigs, dislocated and broke my shoulder and had one hell of a concussion.

Scars 2 months after surgery.

Knee incision, where they inserted the metal rod.

Other rod entry point, the scars around the incision are from where it got hella infected and was a huge open sore.

Fibula incision, a plate and 7 screws were put in.

Me looking sexy in the hospital, my mouth had a HUGE gash in it, since I slid about 5 - 10 feet mouth first after my helmet flew off.

Get Better Fast!

Wow Kyle!

You should probably stick with unicycling. Although I have found out that you can get hurt pretty badly doing that too! Look at my Broken Leg With X-rays for another nasty wound.
I am just starting to walk again now. Can’t wait to ride again! I have to make up for lost time!


Lucky bastard! :smiley:

I MIGHT get crutches on the 27th…lame.

Hello, Captain Moron. There’s a reason motorists are required to wear their prescription glasses/contacts. I don’t mean to be a jerk or anything but…

…so what happened to the brand new dirt bike?

Uhhh - not cool. You think maybe he figured out his mistake already without your help?

Sympathy would be appropriate.

Yeah, too bad I didn’t think going in second gear on a 125 wouldn’t do too much. The actual break was from the pedal of the bike.

I wasn’t asking for sympathy, however it is always nice to know which users on this forum are total douche bags.


Nice Name To Go With The Injuries Kyle!

The Worst Ive Dont SO Far Is Smacked My Head On A 5-Inch Thick Steel Pole…

Not So Bad Compared To Yours but, Still Pretty Ouch… :smiley:

my worst injury on a uni is like… massive pedal bites, okay, here we go,

Why Do You Persist To Talk With Capital Letters At The Beginning Of Sentences? Sorry, it just is pondering me.

Why not post them here, here or here? …or here, or here? Why do we need more injury threads?

Try using the search feature to look for similar threads before starting a new one, thanks!

There once was a man named Jason who rode a unicycle. One day he fell off and couldn’t get back on. The end.

I’m sorry, I was in a bad mood and I let it get the best of me when I posted earlier. I’ve been very annoyed by the amount of whining and complaining in my life recently, but that really isn’t the case in your post.

We all have lapses in judgment and memory when operating motor vehicles, myself included.

I’m sorry for the way my post came off, I know what its like to have a painful injury, though nowhere near the extent of yours.

I apologize.

No worries, I remember there was a topic in the trading post that wound up with me being a French racist haha!

This isn’t my worst injurie, but it’s one of those pedal gashes that we’ve all had.