What's the biggest injury that you incured unicycling (sorry ;)?

What is the biggest fall/injury you had while on the allmighty wheel?:smiley:

For me so far it has been falling on my right hand…totally unexpected without wearing any kind of wrist guards (tommorow Im headed to pick up some neccasarry safety equipment :wink: )
Hopefully a swolen hand is the worst injury that I’ll have!

Tried to grind a rail, landed on my nuts and threw up.

Sprained ankle from slipping off a log skinny

Sorry about that, I know just how you feel!!

Ive noticed that my nuts are often sacrificed in my unicycling adventures!!!

My biggest fall was not my biggest injury but it hurt alot. A while ago i was at Evan’s house hopping up some pallets on a 5’ giraffe…(can you tell where this is leading?:slight_smile: ) Well somehow i fell… and the wheel got stuck somewhere so as the frame fell i got launched over 5 feet away and i landed ontop of a 12" uni…and it was on gravel…ouch:(

stabbed achilese tendon with quick release, couldnt feel or move my foot for over five minutes. doing… one footed :frowning:

holy crap so you fell from a giraffe which was on pallets onto a 12"? damn that sounds almost impressive, but still something i would never want to happen to someone.

I feel like crying

ripped a ankle tendon in half, hopping down two steps. :thinking:

i would actualy like to know of someone who has hit their head? i have yet to see or hear of someone doing this.

I have very, very lightly hit my head in a skate park. I was wearing a helmet.
That’s once in one year of serious unicycling. But I’m glad I was wearing one anyway.

permanent scar on bellybutton. don’t ask how.

I dont like helmets, but it’s probably a good idea to throw one on!!

I think wrist guards are #1 and possibly elbow guards are the second most useful piece of safety equipment!..those are the body parts that are most often sacrificed in the art of one-wheeling…besides the “family jewels”, of course!!!

How???..Now Ive got to know!!!

It has happened. I know of someone who has fallen from a Coker, cracked their helmet, ended up unconscious, and can’t remember what happened. Ended up all A-OK. It can happen even to good riders.

Anyone wear a cup while they unicycle?

OOO, Me! twice…once i was at a skatepark and i was riding my bc wheel down this ramp thingy along a curved quarter pipe and there happened to be a puddle of mud right in the middle so i fell right in it and landed on my head and back, i was covered in mud… The other time was when i was with Evan at a park and i jumped up to the crown from the pedals for stand up ww…well i cant stand up wheel walk. What happened was my foot didnt make it to the crown and went back to the pedals but the wheel was moving forward so my foot got stuck in it and i fell and cracked my neck, i couldnt ride for a week, it hurt…alot.

For some reason almost every time i get hurt i happen to be with Evan…

Im starting to think I should be wearing one!!!

This. The highlight of my first day of riding on my shiny new Hunter muni with pinned pedals. Suddenly understood why everyone I was riding with was wearing that Roach leg armor stuff.

Picture says a thousand words… apparently, possibly only sixteen words. (counting “a” as a word)