Unicycle injuries and busted wrists

New to the forum, and I’m about 6 months into unicycling and love it. It probably took eight days, of an hour a day to ride. Since then I have been learning new skills all the time riding many times a week. Bought a Nimbus X 24" a few months back, alot tougher than the thing I learnt on.

But never really hurt myself…

Idling has taken the most time and patience but as of a few weeks back I got that too - and it was at this point while idling I realised what a short step it was to riding backwards! Cool! :slight_smile:

Here my inexperience showed, and in what seemed like a nano second it all went pair shapped as I went flying off backwards, fracturing my scaphoid as my wrist hit the ground first. Now in a cast I see the importance of those wrist guards in my snowboard bag :smiley:

So just wondered what other common injuries I can expect…?


Badly twisted and sprained ankles is common, dismounting at speed or on steep ground causes you to fall on them awkwardly. Also cuts on your shins and the back of your legs is a given unless you wear leg armour, particularly if you use metal pedals.

I’m so used to cut shins from my bike I didn’t notice when I did it on my Uni a few times.

lol i fell badly for the first time the day i got my wellgo metal pedals, i did a 80cm drop or sommit, landed wrong, hurt my ankle and gave myself 4 lovely gashes… yeah i’d recommend some leg armour… for the ankles… i’ve only ever hurt mine on that particular instant… get some cycling shorts though, and dont ask why, you dont have to be a genius to workt aht one out !

yeah, i was practicin’ and tryin’ to learn on my 20 incher last night (i’ve logged all of about an hour total on (or mainly off) the uni) and i got me some good gashes on my left ankle. where ya get these vaunted ankle guards?

and a related question–how long til i can ride???:slight_smile: :astonished: :smiley: :sunglasses: :slight_smile:

Same. I went super fast and hit a bump backwards, and broke my arm. It was the dumbest and only serious fall I have had so far. I think why people are hurting their ankle is because they have their foot on the wrong part of the pedal.

I remember when I learned to rides years ago as a kid I would get going and my feet would adjust to the inside of the pedals and next thing I knew SLAM ankle right into the fork tube.

when you have problems with your ankles -> 661 RaceBrace


2000 parachute jumps without a fracture and then I went and broke my hand falling off my uni. That was 2 years ago and I’m still annoyed that I did it. My hand landed directly on the pavement and broke a bone at the base of the hand. It required the insertion of 3 lateral pins the width of the hand. Needless to say I only ride with rollerblade-type wrist guards now.

Oddly enough, I quit wearing wrist guards while snowboarding. Maybe I need to rethink that.

be careful not to land wrong off stair sets… do a few searches… you’ll figure it out… shins, ankles, wrists, hands, feet, HEAD, back… ect…

ankles - Swede-O or 661
shin/knee - 661
wrist - Rollerblade 3D
forearm/elpow - 661
head - Giro Xen
seat - cycling shorts
but - 661 bomber

I don’t think so, snow is softer than concreet:D . Unless you ride a lot of boilerplate.

My injuries include
cracked rip
sprained thumb
sprained ankle
broken crank :slight_smile: Nothing major, considering its an extreme sport.

uhm i managed to break a tendant in my finger…

otherwise just shins and metal pedals = owww

and a rather nasty fall which jumping off a curb (that was really tupid) and i fell on my elbow and it bled a lot but was just cosmetic really…

apart from that a sprained ankle once falling off a stair case but i felt lucky that was all cause that fall was impressive…

jsut dont worry about it and wear as much protection as possible…

I have those.
they are very very difficult to place properly (there is no right or left brace) so most of the time one is constantly chaffing one of my ankles.
But I won’t muni without those!

I was about to make a joke that had to do with a prostitute, but, ill hold back.:smiley:

Anyways, lets see, I have sprained my ankle, broken some toes, jammed fingers, bruised rib and thigh, cut my inner thigh, some pedal bites, and falling on my butt a few times.

Nothing too serious. =p

I fractured my schaphoid sailing, its not hard to do. the real damage was when i continued to sail on into the afternoon untill my hand would no longer work. I did not actually realise it was a fracture and i was pretty cold so probably didnt notice the pain. luckily there was no lasting damage.

i broke a bone in my wrist once, well sort of. i fell on it pretty hard skating then after about a day or so in pain i decided to go to the doctor. they said it broken after taking x-rays. then 2 weeks later i went to get a better cast fitted, when they took more x-rays and my wrist seemed fine. it took about 2 months or so though for the pain to fully go away.

Wrist protection

The “Ice Coast” is replete with boilerplate. I frequently switch from a race board to race skis the same day and the wrist guards don’t work with ski poles. Thumb and wrist injuries are among the most common for knuckledraggers.

Sprained ankles, like the one i got last saturday, :frowning: other than that the only injuries ive had were pedal bites, one of which required stiches.

Well i’m out of the cast - on the grounds that I need to write code, and on the assurance I would not be climbing, unicycling, snowboarding, mountain biking… Yeah whatever!

Thanks for the replies, looks like I was just unlucky - now balancing on top of a picnic table is the next challenge…