Unicycle injuries and busted wrists

Busted scaphoid here, still in cast… and still shopping for decent adult sized wrist guards.

Oh dear - how did you do that? I managed to fall backwards, and it all happened so damn fast!

Wrist guards I have from boarding were given to me by a friend, who gets these issued to him for his work. There really good, with a thumb hole, and a plastic guard above and below the hand, then velcro straps to really secure them.

Didn;t think these things were difficult to get though.


I have you all beat. I crushed mt T7 vertebra trying to learn to HSG. I lost traction on the tire and the uni went for a zing and I landed on my tailbone. I hit things just right to do this and my spine lined up perfectly, otherwise the force would have broken my neck or cracked my tailbone. I guess I am just lucky that way. Here is a picture of what one looks like until they give me the disk of my MRI.

I had the same problem riding backwards, I busted one of my wrist tendons which still achs a bit:(
The only other injurys I have had are Pedal bites, knee hits and one busted hip:D

Edit: Don’t know why I put the ":smiley: " thingy in a the hip injary hurt alot lol:p .

worst pedal bite i’ve ever seen, let alone experienced:

My girlfriend is about ready to take my uni away if I keep getting skinned up. Today I decided to try steeper stairs than I noramlly do… Bad choice. I made it twice but couldn’t ride it out after the last stair the the third time it came out from under me, I ended up bruising my pelvis, and a bloody arm.

Unicycling gave me intractable perineal pain, pudendal neuralgia. I have had the nerve decompression surgery but 16 months later the pain is the same. I have to apply anesthetic ointment every hour. It has cost me about $90,000.00 in 7 years. The pain medicine/treatment currently costs me $200+ a week. The pain is present whenever I am awake


This has to be the most candid opening post from a female unicyclist… :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:
Who says we don’t suffer for our sport?

This isn’t common is it? I would think something that extreme be very rare.

My goals for unicycling (everything else is extra): Going forward, backwards, idling, hopping 1-2ft, rolling out of 2-3ft drops, not sweating like a pig even after a measly two block uni ride (edit- I mean going around 2 blocks), and probably going down some easy not so steep steps. No big stunts for me…I think I’m allergic to excessive pain :stuck_out_tongue:

So far I’ve just slightly sprained my wrist from falling in the pushup position 3 times in 3 different days. It’s getting a lot better, especially since my torker is broken (there’s no such thing as a completely bad thing I suppose…)

It’s good that a couple of posts on this ancient thread offered warnings about riding backwards. When first learning, sometimes you go pretty fast, and running out a fall isn’t as easy if you are in reverse…

Guys, that post about having pain for 7 years was probably just spam.

It is not spam unfortunately but Pudendal Neuralgia is very rare. Stats say 1 in 100,000, so I guess I am just lucky :wink:
Sorry for the whinge the other night. Someone mentioned something on fb about unicycling and I googled ‘unicycle injuries’ and found the forum. I used to go to juggling/unicycling club every week and was pretty good at both. I still enjoy juggling. Unicycle-wise: Could hop, go backwards, stop suddenly and spin around (not sure of names for it). I did street theatre for about 6 years, finale was juggling 3 knife clubs on a 6ft unicycle (nothing very original!). I worked in UK, AU, NZ, Japan, Taiwan at a theme park etc etc.
Pudendal Neuralgia is also known as ‘cyclists syndrome’ and can affect men too. 70% of sufferers are women, it is generally from childbirth (pressure on pelvic nerves), vaginal mesh surgery or cycling. Unicycling is a bit like giving birth with all the squeezing and pushing forward, I guess that’s why it stuffed up my lady area nerves.
The reason treatment is so expensive for me is that I can’t tolerate nerve pain meds like Cymbalta, Lyric, Endep, Gabapentin etc. So I am stuck using anesthetic cream topically, not covered by anything (PBS, health ins., medicare) so it is expensive and makes me grumpy sometimes to be spending so much money on it.
It is unlikely it will every go away, nerves have a mind of their own. Ah well!:slight_smile:


*ever go away

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Thank you very much for your very frank posts. I’m very sorry to hear about your injuries, and on-going problems with chronic pain.
I had previously supposed that these kind of unicycle-related issues would be exclusive to men, but I can see that I was mistaken. We have learned something from your experience.

That’s terrible, I was really hoping it was spam not real!

Hey guys, would this give me somewhat of a protection for my wrist:


I’m out shopping for something to protect my wrist from falls, but something light and not too bulky.

They’re probably good, but personally I like the hard splint you get with “Hillbilly” and some other brand gloves. They will keep you from breaking bones. If you wear medium (as your link indicates), these would be a pretty good deal:


But even regular mechanics gloves are better than nothing, and they’re cheap. Some guys wear those.

Yeah I was reading older threads about wrist protection and I thought about the wrist wrap and then the wrist “guard” that you showed me with the splint. I sort of understand how the wrist guard would protect me, I just don’t see how the wrist wrap that I linked would help.

It just wraps around your wrist so I’m not sure how much protection it would give since the weight from a fall would still go directly to my wrist. The only thing that seems useful in a wrist wrap is that it tightens the area a bit.

I also read that the hillbillies were more of a winter glove and it gets really hot and sweaty during the spring and summer days or through rigorous exercise. I was wanting something more breathable and light, but still offers decent protection.

I’m one who’s mentioned wearing mechanics gloves, and they’ve been really good at keeping my palms from getting scuffed on pavement and at avoiding cuts and nicks when using trees, street signs, etc, as aids for mounting.

Lately I’ve had some lingering wrist soreness from coming down too hard on my hands, particularly since I’ve been trying to do some more challenging muni riding. I might have had a broken bone by now if I was prone to them, and might yet if I keep pressing my luck. It used to be easy to find inline skating wrist guards locally with hard plastic splints–when inline skating was more popular I guess–and I’ve had some good ones for skating that were mostly mesh and not crazy hot. I think I’ll be going back to them. I just need to decide which ones and that’s tougher without being able to see them in person.

Pro tip: Don’t get the Tony Hawk Birdhouse ones. Tony seems like a good guy, but his wrist guards fell apart without even falling on them.