Worst Injuries Disccusion thread

Talk to other unicyclists about their worst injuries

shoelace in the cranks at 14MPH on a nimbus 36". ow. Just made it out within the time window to not severely twist my leg. It still hurt to walk and I had to limp the rest of the way to work. It sucked.

i was doing a rolling freemount on my girrafe(i do this quite well) and i hit a slippy spot on the floor ended in a broken arm:(

Fracture Tibia/Fibula 2006

Holy Cr#p! How did that happen? :astonished: Are you riding again now?

LOl, so far

I havent had many majour injuries but i have fell of my giraffe and my ankle died

Dislocated shoulder 4 times, stopped riding seriously a year ago.

Dislocated my kneecap once while doing some trials. It popped right back into place, but I was limping for a little while after.

I’ve done that too :smiley: except mine didn’t pop back into place…:frowning:

I’ve also ripped a ligament in my knee that stopped me riding for a month.(I did it the day I got my new uni)

Just when you get something new… You injure yourself before you can use it. It sucks when that happens.

I have yet to injure myself enough that I can’t ride… I pray that never happens.

I landed on my leg at about 30km/hr on the Laos Unitour.

Back riding about 6months after the accident, although didn’t get back to my pre-injury race speed until recently.

'X-ray is obviously “round 2” with a fib-tib fracture. Steel plate is obviously from another adventure; a simple fibular fracture. What happened the first time?

Smashed head on a rock…

I twisted my ankle and fell after dismounting my uni on an adjacent rock…


Round 1 was a Webber C ankle fracture that happened in Nepal in 2002, Unicycling in the Himalayas. I can’t find it but it’s one of my early posts on this forum.

That’s what helmets are for.

And do you think I really need to be told that after that happened? :roll_eyes:

You’ll make a good parent someday.

I remember my worst injury!

I remember, It was few weeks ago when i borrowed my frends uni cos his owns mine and i was practcing unispins on my unicycle before i borrowed my frends, the seat has metal and is distorted so everytime i landed on the seat it hurt but that didnt stop me after a few days or somthing i looked at my leg and i was carried away by counting my bruises "1,2,3,4,5,6,7… I had about 18-22 somthing like that and had 5 big bruiesses plus 2-3 cuts

Probably not, just a reminder.:slight_smile:

Unidentified, um yeah ok…

April 2007, Level 4 shoulder separation

I crashed my uni with a 27" road wheel going about 30km/h just about a year ago. I was waring a large backpack so I could not roll out of it.

every ligament that holds the shoulder to the collarbone were ripped in half and the collar bone lodged itself into the muscle that is usually over the shoulder blade.

My shoulder still gets stiff if I sleep on it and my leg is still sort of numb where they took out muscle casing to repair the ligaments in my shoulder.

Moral of the story: don’t wear large backpacks when unicycling faster than you can run.