Will cold kill your uni?

I live in CO, and right now it is actually 4 degrees Ferenheight:o out there, and my garage is only 27 degrees, will the cold kill my uni, I have a KH 07, and I regurally do four foot drops, and hard core trial riding.

Thanks for the help!

4 foot drops isnt hard core trial riding…

nah, I live in Michigan and its regularly 0-20 degreas F. I ride it outside all the time. If anything will go, your bearings will. those are an 8$ fix.

Just dont let your uni freeze then do any big drops or pieces (pedals) might snap.

where in CO do you live?
your uni should be fine. mine lives in the garage and the cold hasnt seemed to affect it. The only thing i have had break recently is spokes. But i really dont think it was due to the cold.

Metal brittleness increases dramatically at low temp, but i think that with the high quality materials that KH uses this shouldn’t be a problem. Cheap high impurity steel can loose 99% of its strength when the temp drops from 0 to -10 celsius, ive snapped cheap half inch bolts with one hand by accident because they were outside in the winter.

Maybe that’s why he said “and.”

We used to sometimes snap our seat bumpers in the cold. Those were the nylon bumpers on Miyata seats. Today’s bumpers may be different, but may still get brittle in the cold so use caution.

i noticed that after riding in the snow after several weeks my tire had began to swell up and go bare

It’s probablly about -15 F out right now. Other then making my pedal bearings freeze and my tire hard, I don’t think it hurts it…

a kh07 should be ok. I have a qu’ax and have been riding it a fair bit lately, in maybe -25C, and its been fine for maybe an hour outside. The bearings do act differentally for me, dont spin as well, but its not too big a difference, you dont really notice it.

cold shouldn’t do any dmg to ur uni at all, just make sure u check everything b4 u start riding as long as it all tight and good to go the cold wont do any dmg to ur unicycle, but i do think checking ur uni b4 each ride is best thing to do in any weather.

If it’s very cold, getting the unicycle wet is most likely a very bad thing. Don’t do that.

The type of uni shouldn’t make any difference at all. I have a Qu-Ax trials myself.

27 degrees is well warm LOL… i’ll never get used to silly american temperatures…

and no i have nothing to contribute to this thread lol, except that cold will do no harm… JUST RIDE!

dude you do no that it is 27 degrees fereignheight not celcius resurch it:)
—yes, i know i can’t spell

Big drops doesn’t mean your hardcore.

Its the technicality of the line that determines the “coreness” of trials. You can be only a foot above the ground, riding a skinny, gapping rail to rail, point object to pointy object. That’s the “hard core” stuff.

Not the jumping up slowly one flat object to another, until your 8 feet high then drop off.

Its 6, actually, probably 4 now, in Spokane. I went riding and my uni is fine. I fell because slipping on ice, but that’s it. Frames good, cranks and hub are good, tire is good and bald, pedals great, seat great. =p

Man. I love your tire. Looks much like mine and I love it like that. Mind you I have doubled the inner tube to make up for the lack of rubber

dude, I’ve only been riding for 8 weeks, so I think 4ft drops are pretty hard core, where were you at 8 weeks:)

Anybody can answer this

yeah, but really stationary drops are way easy

Hitting a fast rolling one and rolling out clean takes skill.

yay schools had a snowday today well it was more of a ice day and i took my unicycle out on the ice covered roads it was pretty fun thought i would slide everywhere but didn’t, but either way my unicycle held up threw it all and all that happen to it was the seat hitting the ground and getting wet from it… but to top it all off i’m out of school so the snow day ment nothing to me :smiley:

i went for a ride last week (my classes were canseled due to the blizard the previous day) and when i UPDed my seat handle shatered. it was -40˚C so i was disapointed but not all that suprized. I dont use fenders on my bike once it is -25ish becouse plastic seems to get brittle around that temperature. I wouldent wory about anything that is still positive on the ferinheight scale