how cold can a unicycle stand?

Hey im just wondering about what temperture I can ride in? Right now it ranges -6 Cto -18 C. Can that wreck your uni? I havent been riding right now…but im wondering if i could?


Read this recent thread, it asks exactly the same quesiton and got many replies. In short, it’s theoretically possible, but no not really.

Today its -45C and i’m pretty sure the uni would stand up to it.

what part of manitoba are you living in? its only -25ish in winipeg acording to the weather network. are you factoring in windchill? couse machenery doesent feel windchill, aka your uni only feels -25. it is -24 here in Prince Albert right now but windchill is -48, i unicycled to school this morning and found out that my winter survival class was canceled due to cold weather! i mean its a winter survival class, sorry i got a bit off topic but the only thing i would worry about when uniing in the cold is brittle plastic pieces. the thread mensioned before is actualy realy good. oh and if you spend much time off the saddle your seat will freeze and get realy hard.

Mine has been out all winter with some mornings reaching -10 F. I trusr it’s ok.

I’m in North Bay, Ontario, and I’ve ridden in temp’s as cold as -35C. It will stand up to the weather. Just make sure you get it in when you’re done riding, and clean the snow and salt off.

Where is Stouffville? Nearest city?

yeah sorry it was -45 with the windchill. The windchill still makes metal colder though. (i think)

Effects of Cold

CroMoly and Aluminum will not be affected by cold. At least not by environment cold. (If you pour liquid nitrogen on the frame that could be a different story!) The Plastic of the seat could become more brittle in sub zero weather. the biggest efect of the cold will be your tire pressure. Everything expands in the heat and contracts in the cold, but gasses do more so. If you inflate your tires inside your house at room temperature and then go out into the snow the tire pressure will drop significantly as teh tire cools down. If you fill the tires up with air outside when it is cold and then bring the Uni in the house the tire could swell when the air expands.

I used to ride my bycicle (Before I got into Uni. Now I don’t touch bikes!) to work in -10F weather with no adverse effects. Keep in mind that I keept the bike outside to avoid the tires warming up and swelling.