Will cold kill your uni?

Sorry to here your handle shatered i tested mine out left it out in the could all day and bounced it off the ground to see if the thicker plastic handles would shater and all i got was a little scratch on it, but i could see my old handle doing that as well in the cold tho

I used to ride regularly in -20° C with no problems from my KH2005 or my Large Marge & Endomorph setup.
When it gets to -21° C I just stay inside. I never found warm clothing that doesn’t get too sweaty.

Is there already a long thread on warm anti-sweat clothing?

-40˚C? Don’t you need at least a ski mask at that temperature? I don’t have any clothes good for riding at even 30˚F; too cold to start with, and not cool enough (or still too cold) once I’m warmed up… What is the warmest it gets there? We don’t even get below 0˚F every year here.

weather in Sask

record high temp was 42˚C in 2001 and record low was -56˚C in 1972 but average temperatures are about 20 in summer and -20 in winter. we get prety extreem weather due to the lack of large water bodies near us. personaly i am thinking of moving north becouse i dont mind the cold but hate weather over 20˚

Holy cow, Sask. and Man. regularly get -40c temps. It’s not really the temp. thats the problem though, it’s the wind chill. I used to love it when they said the wind chill was 2400 (exposed skin freezes in 10 seconds) Made the walk to the car in the morning really fun. Had to be fast, but the faster you ran, the more the wind chill went up.

Anyway, about the only thing that’s a problem in cold is plastic and I have written off my Miyata rear bumber already. i just don’t worry about it anymore. I figure they made the parts that weird green because they show up in the snow better but I don’t even pick up the pieces anymore, I just leave them and in the fall i’ll order a new bumper.