📜 [Wiki] Schlumpf 2022 Hubs - Frame Compatibility ⚙️

This space is for the community here to chart knowledge / experiences and manufacturers’ confirmations over whether their frames will work with the new Schlumpf (2022) inboard disc hubs.

Please edit as you (plural) see fit :pray:

Brand Tested? Pre 6mm Drilled? Known Issues Confirmation Links Comments
KH No No Disc tab on RH side See Below :point_down: Can be made to work with d’Brake adapter or use Brakefast Tab Kit
Nimbus No No - but possible to request(?) Likely no issues The new hub is available in 2 bearing widths so it will now fit a wider range of unicycles, including but not limited to, Kris Holm 100mm and Nimbus (32”, 36” & Hatchet) 125mm. Been advised these frames will work with minimal work (just 8mm hole)
Flansberrium No Yes - will be provided drilled 99.99% none! Post New frames will be made to work with hubs right out of the gate
Mad4One No 6mm vent hole in forks - likely compatible, but enlarge Not tested as yet Pending While this frame should work, as it did with previous Schlumpf hubs, been advised best to first test
QU-AX No ? ? Pending No insight here
Triton No ? ? Pending No insight here

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Zero pressure to contribute here as I know this is early days with the hubs not being out in the wild.

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@jogi might be able to help with the Triton frames

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I’ve got the info from Florian about the drilling. Every frame from now on will be ready for all ISIS schlumpfs. Previous frames will have to be drilled.

This is very exciting, I can’t wait to see the new thing! :grin:


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you mean just KH frames ?

Every Flansberrium, I’ll let the others manage their business :stuck_out_tongue:


As manufacturers have numerous frames, it might be worth stating what frames.

Nimbus steel frame “Muni” frames are likely also OK if drilled, but a Mad4One URC frame would likely be a bad idea because of the stamped bearing housings.

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Welcome back Kris!



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I got confirmation of both @ so I can tell you that either way works. :slight_smile:

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It is good to have this… here is what I think the basic criteria whether the frame will fit the new hub:

  1. Hub bearing width to be 100 either 125.
  2. Designed to use 42mm x 12mm bearings.
  3. Have bearing housings to be robust (ie not pressed)
  4. Bearing housings to be slim enough not to hit hub body (TBC)
  5. A 6mm hole in top bearing housing (Not a problem to pre or post install or use the air vent hole already fitted).

Maybe rather than naming the brands that will or will not… it is the bearings housings that matter most. I have a samples box I have collected over the years and can photograph these.


Hi Kris,
Nice to see you there again !
6mm hole will be drilled on both legs of the frame or only left side ?

20 ! Not 22 ?

No, I meant 12! (edited)


Just wondering, is the word “aluminium” required?
I am wondering about compatibility with steel ISIS nimbuses.