Video competition(yes it belongs here after much thought)

ok, so here it is, its a new competition, much like the back it up thread, but we are running 3 competitions at once here.

Up stairs

Down Stairs

Long jump.

You can join at any point, but to keep it interesting, I’ll start it out at 1 stair up/down and a 2 foot gap. I want to see everything done by the end, so here are the rules

1 stair at a time up or down. … say the person in front jumps a 4… you can jump a BIGGER 4 or a 5.

distance hops must be 1 foot longer until we hit 7 feet. then they can be 6" until we hit 9 feet, then it will be 1/2" increments… just to get a crazy jump as a winner. must be curb to pallet or measured gap. please measure correctly… no “triangular” measuring… you are measuring a straight distance.

winner must post 2 different stairsets/gaps to be the official winner

“competitors” have one day after calling the shot, and can be beaten out, but still post their video for egotistical reasons.

thats all, best of luck to everyone and i hope we break some records :smiley:

A few missing thoughts … no beating distance hops by more than 6" after 7 feet. to make it last

please post the top of each category at the end of your post so its easy to keep up with.

have at it!!

Isn’t it okay for people to jump stick-to-stick, like in the IUF rules? Set up your shot from the side so both sticks are visible, then it should be easy to see if either stick moved during the jump. Then bring out the measuring tape in a single shot!

I don’t like the idea of sticks for measuring. It means that you have to take off earlier and land further to not hit the sticks. I can’t think of any trials lines that would require two sticks. Curb to pallet seems the most accurate way to measure gaps.

I will call you out after you hit that 1-stair. So count me a the 2-stair jumper. Dun dun dunnnn!!

This will be fun once the chit chat dies and the videos come up.

count me in then to do the three steps after Jerrick.

you can do 1 …
lol throw some tricks in there too…
I might do a 3ft gap 360 for example…

I’ll be in until we hit the 7 set mark :slight_smile:

Oh come on until we hit 19 stairs it isn’t even worth getting the camera out :wink:

depending on how my knees are, I might go for a 10.

i think we should add a 180 constest in too.


With sticks, one is on the ground for take-off and landing.

Landing a bit gap onto a pallet, you’re not guaranteed that the pallet will stay in place. Should that pallet skitter out from underneath you, you’re looking at a hard landing onto your backside, hip, elbow, wrist, what-have-you.

Just my two cents…

you usually land with enough downforce to hold a WOODEN pallet in place.

Im kinda confused… I wanna make a video for the contest, but what excactly am i making a video of? :thinking:

long jump, jumping up as many stairs as you can. And jump as many stairs down as you can.

mmmk… I can jump like… 6-7 feet, is that good enough to make a video? :frowning:

i would say so, i would for sure

I’m in for rolling hop up 5 stairs, and probably 6 if people keep on going and if I can find one that is possible. I won’t enter the competition for jumping down stairs, because the biggest set I have is only a ten (actually there are two, one that every one saw in Loading in Progress (I’m not going to do it again, it was just suicide with that run up) and the other one is on a private terrain (and I’m not a bad boy…and the run up is 2 revs only)). After ten, there’s 25 or something, and I mean, I looked all over my (small, but still) country (I didn’t ride everywhere, but close :roll_eyes: )

And Miles, what did you mean when you said 180 ? Did you mean over a gap, or down sets ? If you meant down sets, I’m up for that too. How about 360 ? It’s time to break that 8 stairs record !


K, Ill try to find a good place to measure it :smiley:

no, keep it small to start off, for 2 reasons, to give newbs a chance and to make the contest last longer and have a little more flare.

is anyone going to post a video, i want to see some stair sets (dont ask me to cause my camera is broken)

Im waiting for Skro to get his one stair stuff done, so I can post my most amazing and insanely hard 2-set.