Video competition(yes it belongs here after much thought)

umm… It does not mention anything about using a unicycle.

Somebody put up one stair already! If I have time tomorrow, I am going to go do it.

I can put up three… is that too much?

I think so. He wants to start with one stair so the beginners have a chance to post some stuff up.

ok then.
1 step

sorry skrobo if i jumped the gun. i just wanted to get in whilst i could stilll compete.

Bravo :slight_smile:

i makeded a video for jumping up a “step”(lol) and over a 1"foot" gap
i spiced it up a little for enjoyment purposes as well.
now I’m out until 4 stairs down/up and 6 foot gap :slight_smile: i have no idea how big the barrel jump is … its kinda hard though…

video in a few mins
EDIT:nevermind, in a WHILE … i have to convert them first

the “step” is over 25" but whatever… i didn’t want to do a curb …
the first gap is exactly equal to my shoe…11.5"

the end is reasonably awesome if you watchit all the way through, its not all messing around…lol

so who’s next?