The Video Competition - Second Round

silly like 12" trial???DUUUUDE that’s the best video i’ve EVER seen… seriously that vid is funny as hell as long as his other vids… :smiley:

I think you’re missing the point.
We don’t want to see straight trials, street, muni or whatever. We want some funky new styles creating from the existing ones. E.g, Giraffe Muni, or flatland on 29ers or street on a coker.

The idea of these competitions is to try and get some variety in the videos. The videos posted on the forum from day to day are very samey and get boring after a while. We are just trying to make you guys put a little more thought into the video making process and hopefully turn out some really different and fun to watch videos.

I’d love to enter.

Do I just post here or do I pm you.

im “fucking” in :smiley: (ohhh scuse me)

You have until the 15th September 2008 to PM me a link to your video. The video should not be seen by anyone until I post it in the voting thread.

Hmm, “second round”? I must have missed the first one!:stuck_out_tongue: Was this it?

Nope it was this one.

No, that was something independent of our competitions.
Here is the first challenge. The twist was that the song had to be Jolene, it could be by any artist but had to be the version that Dolly Parton sang. Theres loads of great cover versions of that song and I was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more variety.
Im hoping this time around will yield some more fruitful results. :slight_smile:

Are you thinking of entering, Terry? :wink:

I am so in again. I am glad we get to pick our song this time. I will start filming tomorrow.

Well I was planning on participating since I have a new video in the works already, but when you got to the part about “wacky styles” I lost all interest.

Besides, I think it would be flat out boring to watch someone try to do a few low-key tricks on a coker or something. There’s a reason specific styles are better suited on specific unicycles.

Now if we had to include more then one style of riding in the video, I’d be all over it. But a riding style on the wrong type of unicycle just plain sucks.

can you post the video of the winner of Jolene plz?

Don’t worry, what I do and have done on my 36er is antyhing but “boring”! I think a 180 unispin, a crank flip, big drops, etc would be awesome done on a 36er. :sunglasses: Not to mention the likely upds!

Not sure. I have two or three in the works now, but I don’t think they would fit the criteria. Yeah, I always try to be original, with bits of humor, but my skills don’t really include any “trick” riding at all.

I may be in… idk…

The thing with me is I anyways mix street with my muni, mix freestyle with my flatland(and vice versa), mix street with my trials…

The only thing I don’t mix is my street itself lol, so this twist isn’t to much of a twist for me…

i tried to crankflip my coker and somehow my foot jammed between the crank and the frame.

I’ll have a go at putting something together. Iv’e got quite a bit of unused footage that Iv’e filmed recently. Mid september should be far enough away to get loads more stuff filmed.

Does the entire video have to made from combination styles or can normal styles be included as well as the crazy stuff.

This competition looks just right terry… I mean every single one of your vids fits this…
This competition is not all about riding ability. In my eyes a good video is original, entertaining and makes you want to watch it again. You could be the best crankflipper in the world, but if you make a video of 8940384785955859484 different crankflip variations I will get bored and most likey switch it off.
So, it doesn’t matter if you are a begginer or expert, if your video is original and entertaining you will have an equal chance of winning.
And tyler… that sounds somewhat painful and an awkward bail.

Me, Raphael and Elliot is garanted in! :smiley:

good news :sunglasses:

The wheel is so massive it takes much longer for it to rev. Maybe a 90 crank flip is more possible. Unless you jump from something high enough to give you the needed time for a full crank flip, but not advisable with that steel rim! :astonished: