Unicycle Spotting / Sighting Thread

Great find! I’m really looking forward to it.

But I might have to go grab a six for myself before then.

Sad news:

I had looked in several nearby grocery stores including three Harris Teeters before going online for more info and I never saw it; or any Hi-Wire beers for that matter, despite the claim that they’re available all across NC.

(Snide side comment: It seems that brewers like to boast of drinkability when describing their beers. Shouldn’t we be able to assume that?)

I think it’s a code word for “makes you want to drink a lot of them!” which is taboo in the promote-responsible-drinking era. “Session” beers are the newest version of it.

None of them result in much rideability as far as I can tell; I seem to lose all uni skills after a beer or two.

Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

With boutique beers at $10 for a six-pack, I’m one and done no matter what they call it.

Saw a Unicycle in one of the latest American Pickers Programs…was just on to of a pile of stuff in a container…they didnt buy it…it was just there in the background.

Front page of today’s local paper. No story accompanying it just the caption. Assume it’s TCUC in last nights parade.

So you don’t have to do what I just did, the caption: “Riders on extra-tall unicycles steady each other during the St. Paul Winter Carnival’s Vulcan Victory Torchlight Parade on Saturday night in downtown St. Paul. The carnival concludes today.” Looks like a good time!

Yep! That was Twin Cities Unicycle Club. The giraffe riders look terrified because the cobblestones were pretty treacherous. The tiny rider in the pink sleeves on the left is my 8 year-old daughter. I’m back there somewhere, but out of sight.

Digital pics here:

In case you didn’t catch Saturday Night Live on 4/14/2018 or missed this there was a unicyclist rolling up to cross Chester Ave in Pasadena during the establishing shot of a skit.

(YouTube comments identify the unicyclist as Daniel, an undergraduate at Caltech.)

Hi-Wire Prime-Time is no more, but I’ve been curious for some time about radlers and just this evening happened to notice the artwork on T.W Pitchers’ Grapefruit and Blood Orange Radler. (Bought a six but haven’t tried one yet!)

Here in Belgium we have a famous beer, La Chouffe.

And here’s the Chouffe Blonde:

Wow! Got to get me one of those! Their website map says they may be available at the Safeway near my office, or the even nearer BevMo!

I bought some last week during a day trip to Brussels. And then realized they have it in my local mini market downstairs from my Paris apartment!

It’s not only a cool bottle… it’s also a good beer!

Bought one of these last week:

Too bad the gnome on the glass isn’t riding a unicycle! I would absolutely buy some if he were.

Love it! I just checked my regular beer stop’s website and it shows Houblon Chouffe IPA in stock locally but no Chouffe Blonde to be found anywhere. The gnome isn’t unicycling on the Houblon label either but at 9% ABV I wouldn’t risk it myself. :slight_smile:

Based in San Francisco so it should be a layup for you. Most grocery stores have it here, way across the continent.

And I’ve had one now and I enjoyed it a lot. It’s a different experience, closer to lemonade than beer, not really one or the other, but refreshing. I can see why it’s associated with summer cycling.

Available on Amazon! But at quite a high price; I could see it maybe to collect one jar, not for regular consumption.

1979 LP Cover:

Photo: © Alex Bartsch, please click photo for original source at spiegel.de newspaper website.

The photo strip and article are about a guy photographing old Reggae LP Covers on the original places in London.

I have seen many, trust me!

Hey, my homebrew has a unicycle on the label too!