Unicycle Spotting / Sighting Thread

Where’suniwookie;1631600]“The Juggler” at Woodside Park, in Silver Spring, MD… had to get a pic with the fellow unicyclist, but he was way better than me at idling.

No seat??!! Cool!!

That would be pretty intense. The pic was taken back in January or February. I ride mostly through Arlington and DC.

There’s a few of us meeting up on the mall on Sunday. I sent you the details. Hope you can make it out.

In Vancouver, Stanley Park and met up with local unicyclist going for ride. He had taken up unicycling two years ago for his health, even went for spin on his uni.

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On holiday in Altinkum, Turkey and saw this billboard advertising uni furniture!!

This is the right thread for spottings in TV programmes? Just watching Family Guy here (in the UK) and Peter was riding a uni (episode is Peterotica)

I have a turkish friend to interpret, plus the GSM of the shop…
I’m gonne try to get one…!

That central guy pedalling the world is a great UniTE logo! :smiley:

apparently the first inhabitants of America were practising Muni:


Yeah, goes great with that “splatter” :roll_eyes: :smiley:

He’s definitely climbing without the use of a handlebar,
He has a handlebar or has not, hard to interpret. … …:smiley:

in french “handlebar” is another name for “mustache” … is that what you had in mind?:smiley: (I think it is a lady with braided hair on a Muni)

The first inhabitants of Sveden were only practising Freestyle:

Keep Clam

Museum of History and Industry Seattle.

No, there’s no maximum crank length, no matter which wheelsize you have …

Found a pic where the Boynton Bicycle Railroad (single rail train) is named Unicycle and Single-Rail Track Railroad

Hmmm that uni has a chain on it… Do you reckon it’s geared?

I think the chain goes to a motor beneath the display. The motor turns the unicycle wheel, which makes the legs go up and down, and the big clammy-looking thing probably does some kind of movement.

Ahhh I see now, thanks for that :slight_smile:

Spotted this beer in Harris Teeter… will have to go back and get some for our next rides in NC!