Unicycle Spotting / Sighting Thread

I did a search of “spotting” and “sighting” and found a bunch of independent threads of intereting unicycle spottings but nothing to pull them together. Hopefully this will catch on going forward.

This is for sightings or spottings of the unicycle found in daily life and/or in unusual or unique situations. For example: Unicycles seen in art, street art, magazines, decor, etc. This is not for spotting unicyclists. Think of this as similar to the Unicycle Articles, But Wait There’s More thread.

First contribution:

I was driving through Anacortes, Washington a few weeks ago. They have a city-wide mural project, which historical scenes are painted on wood cut-outs. As I passed through an intersection a “fiddling unicyclist on giraffe” mural caught my eye. The unicycle was well done but the post and seat don’t quite line up. The name painted in red on the front pouch says “Hillbilly Willy”.


Washington likes it’s uni murals. Here is one along the Burke-Gilman trail in Fremont. Ignore the actual unicyclist, and you’ll see a turtle on a uni, a narwhal on a uni, and a flamingo on a (possibly flamingo) giraffe.

There is also the scene in Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure after his precious bike is stolen and while all he sees are bicycles, a unicyclist rides by.

I believe this is the first time I’ve seen unicycles associated with hillbillies.

Do real hillybillies sport fanny packs? (Apologies to those in the UK.)

A show in Australia always has a 20inch kh in the background with the wheel continually spining somehow,it was a kids show "the shack"or somthing along those lines.

iCarly (tween TV show) had an art scupture of a Elephant head mounted to a 24" uni…it looked like a waste of good Uni…but what do I know about art?

They do if they’re street performers. That clearly looks like it’s rendered from a photograph of a street entertainer. Otherwise why include the waist pack? And the artist may have flattened the perspective a bit, making the seat post disappear behind the rider’s leg. The unicycle is clearly a Schwinn. The big question is, who’s the rider? Probably not Kris Holm…

Below is one of the three “great seals” on the ground in front of the California State Capitol building. This one is about early history, including the early Spanish Missions up the coast. A closer look reveals what looks like a giraffe unicycle?? Apparently this was the cattle brand used at one of those missions, though I was unable to figure out which. It would be interesting to know, along with what that image really represents!





Ancient Astronauts brought their advanced UNICYCLE technology to the Native Americans in California! W00t!

Or perhaps Kage Baker’s writings are not just stories?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Adam Savage from Mythbusters rides a giraffe in the shop during one of the viewer specials :smiley:

Part of a campaign to share rides. I’ve seen other posters of the same nature that have pogo sticks. I guess the creator of the poster did not realize that people actually commute by unicycle.

Unicycling is a great way to commute to work but I don’t think it’s practical for ridesharing. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you don’t believe people actually pogo stick to work.

Eagle Harbor, Winslow, Bainbridge Island, WA.


West Jet flight back home… In the booklet.

West Jet flight back home… In the booklet.

I was curious what the text says. I did a search for what I could read and came up with Columbia Pioneers - Mountain Unicycling:

"Columbia Pioneers - Mountain Unicycling by Columbia Pioneers.
In the great outdoors, sometimes the recipe for adventure is one part poor judgment, plus two parts persistence.

Meet Dan Heaton, Pioneer of Off-Road Unicycling. Dan didn’t grow up watching his unicycling heroes on TV. He blazed his own trail. On one wheel. Over rocks, tree stumps, picnic tables, and cynics. His determination and vision made him a pioneer. Now we are proud to celebrate his passion by awarding him the Gert Boyle Medal Of Merit (M.O.M.). Learn more about Dan, his sport, and his gear at columbia.com.

Dan wears the Multi Pitch Shell with Omni-Tech fabric which makes it both waterproof and breathable. Helpful features if you’re a unicyclist in Seattle. Or if you like to be comfortable in any weather. "

If a girl needs a lift, I’d be happy to help her out.

I wasnt the only one associating that with level eleven then :roll_eyes: Ive seen some somewhere, but I cannot remember where at all

While waiting to make a left turn onto Route 34 from Main Street Matawan I saw a guy ride by on what looked like a 26" unicycle heading north. Notwithstanding my years of riding in the neighborhood, I did a double take. I wished I could go right and accost him to find out who he is and tell him about the upcoming 12th Annual LBI Unithon, but alas there was too much traffic and I had laundry to do.