UNI sighting! Cover of REI magazine

Check this out, Winter 2003 edition of REI-OUTLET.COM magazine has a dude with a unicycle on it! While REI currently does not sell uni’s, (as far as i know) maybe this is a little sample of things to come!

Oops, that pic was bigger than i thought. sry bout that

I was waiting for this, from talking to kris in Vancouver it sounded like a strange photo shoot.

At least I know what parka to buy for Snow Muni now…


I just got one of those, and was about to post about it. but you did, awesome.

Remebe to email me about getting your very own Thedan.com shirt. only 15$ free shipping! the perfect gift this holoday season. or something.

REI hasn’t sent me my catalog yet. :frowning:

Here’s a smaller and more compressed version of the picture.

Re: UNI sighting! Cover of REI magazine

On Thu, 6 Nov 2003 20:43:36 -0600, john_childs
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>Here’s a smaller and more compressed version of the picture.

John, thanks for doing that service occasionally. I don’t see how it
helps the forum readers because mostly the pictures download
chronologically (so the large one gets downloaded anyway), but it does
help newsgroup readers like me.

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The big pictures won’t fit on my monitor (19" at 1280x960) so I size them down so they look better in the forum. High resolution pictures mess up the forum layout. I also realize that huge downloads (that photo was almost 1 MB) are a real pain for the dial-up users so I resize them and recompress them.

As a general rule, I feel that attached photos should be no larger than 640x480 and should be under 50 KB in size. That’s just to be nice to the people with small monitors and dial-up connections.

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You can delete a photo in the edit feature if you accidentally post a huge one. Then replace it or submit a reduced photo later.

Again i apoligize for posting such a big picture. I’ll size em down next time. Thank you John for compressing that. Much easier to see the whole thing!

Thanks John,

I’d already thrown out that circular. I had to dig through the trash to get it back. Now it’s going to have some serious shelf life. I might even need to buy something.

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD