Unicycle Spotting / Sighting Thread


Check out Google doodle today.

New sport invented: unicycle soccer

I guess you would have to kick the soccer ball riding one-footed.

Got any of that spare? :smiley:

On an unrelated note, I’ve got one of those keyboards (used to have three).
Mine’s Compaq branded with Cherry branding on the bottom and MX browns. It has a lovely feel, and although no longer my favourite, it gets plenty of use due to the useful addition of the trackball.

Yeah about 20 pints left, it’s not the best brew though. It was an experiment with a shedload of half-rotten bananas, so while it smells like bananabread it tastes like slightly sweetened bitter! If you’re racing on Sunday let me know and I’ll bring a couple :smiley: I’ll warn you that it’s about 8% though so if you’re riding home maybe give it a miss.

Yep the keyboard is a Compax MX11800 - I got it from an old shutting-down server farm of some kind, it came with the rack drawer and a couple of decades worth of crud under the keys. It was my intro to the marvelous world of mechanical keyboards and I love it! There’s no Superkey but thankfully some of us aren’t limited to the shite Microsoft put out so that’s easy enough to work around (Who needs a Caps lock anyway)

I’m always up for trying things, but are you not riding there as well?
If you’ve not seen my post on FB, I will be there but unlikely to be in a racing/riding state. Pretty bummed out about the whole thing but I’m not going to miss the event!

Sounds exactly the same as mine, although I was lucky that they came out of the cabinets basically as new - nobody wanted to stay in the server rooms long enough to be able to get them dirty, and food was of course forbidden. :smiley:

That’s unfortunate :frowning: Hope you get better soon!

One will probably be fine but anymore and I’ll have to consider walking home :smiley:

To be fair after a deep cleanse mine pretty much looked new - there was just enough dust to make a wig for the cat. After yanking all the keys off it was like looking at a carpet!

He’s back

That unicyclist is back on Google Doodle. He’s the goalie for Denmark!

From the Artist:

"Denmark – Rune Fisker

Q: What do you hope people take away from your Doodle?
A: The joy and extiment that we Danes feel for football (and our bikes!)."

Was at the local market in my parents’ small town. Micro-breweries are popping up like mushrooms after the rain… there’s a new one in the next town, and it’s pretty cool looking!

Looks like he’s walking on a rope whilst carrying his unicycle.

Which is probably safer after having had a couple of beers. :smiley:



I meant :D:D

Microbrasserie Les Funambules = “Tightrope Walkers Microbrewery” in French.

@ Mr impossible, I hadn’t noticed that. In English I think he might be called a funambulist :slight_smile:

On Google Search

Today on Google Search


T-shirt offered at Woot.com:

Nice faithful rendition of a unicycle, but the sales pitch isn’t what I would call a positive message:


yeah and when a pretty babe sees that shirt she will think “God no, I don’t wanna date a clown”.

Even though we fight to make ppl see unicycling is a sport, it is the first thing non-unicyclists think of.

Moonbeam Uniponger

Saw this one on a billboard on GTA 5 :sunglasses:

unicycle street art in Valparaiso (Chile)

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My mom reported seeing a unicyclist do a flip in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I couldn’t find it on a quick scroll through a Youtube version, but it must be out there…