Unicycle Spotting / Sighting Thread

Found this in one of those “How Smart Are You?” online quizzes.

There is a Disney short film called “Red’s Dream” which I only discovered today, although I think has been around since 1987. It is about a little red unicycle that has a dream. The star of the film is clearly the unicycle. But it’s kind of too bad that Lumpy the clown in the film was so creapy, my kids were turned off by the film. It could have been better poised to promote the unicycle without overshadowing the entire film in such a way as to discourage the films popularity, and unicycling by association.

It was made by Pixar which was founded by Steve Jobs, already in 1979.
Jobs became president after and before his Apple days, and in that period a lot of progress / structure was made. Disney acquired Pixar later on.
Red’s Dream was a pilot and showcase for RenderMan, which later generated the first Toy Story (1995).
I even had a copy of it. Costed a fortune. Was depending on Windows NT, but costed another fortune on particular rendering.

I just noticed towards the end of The Polar Express movie, there’s a positive character riding a unicycle.

I installed a silly game called Wrecking Ball on my mobile where you have a big ball on a chain to hit objects and along the way get bigger and heavier for bigger objects and one of those happened to be a uniycle

Skandika promotes their Hurricane 8 tent with a red unicycle (with viscount seat) on many pictures,

Same for their Nimbus 8 tent (same unicycle, no Nimbus)
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I feel bad for the guy in the Hurricane 8 photos.

I wonder who thought the unicycle helped with the pictures :joy:

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A bottle of wine Mrs. Impossible brought home (before she noticed the pair of Ultimate Wheelers!).


Found a unicyclist in this video (sorry for the video content, this isn’t supposed to be a political comment :slightly_smiling_face:) https://youtu.be/37FjY8XcoyE?t=126

But the mystery unicyclist is showing us the right message.

I don’t think anyone has mentioned Mr… Garrison’s It yet.

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Thanks, @AndrewA , for popping my liberal media bubble! Now that I’ve been exposed to others’ points of view, the takeaways are:

  1. Everyone who commented on the video seemed to be in agreement with the POV of the interviewer. There were no down-votes.

  2. There were quite a few comments on the intellectual and moral makeup of women.

… you’re welcome, but the focus was on the unicyclist… was that necessary? :slight_smile:

The New Yorker magazine used this as an illustration for a story.

Is it electric? (edit: or just a pedal powered generator fixed to the earth?)

Robert ParkeHarrison, “Edison’s Light” (1998)


KAL’s cartoon in this weeks edition of the Economist:

Source: KAL’s cartoon | The Economist

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A friend from Twitter sent me this surprise gift today

(and yes I also ride a penny farthing and normal bikes)


It’s time for ice unicycle!


Please leave, sir.


I mean… well… yeah… I guess that is fair. Well nice knowing you all, byeee! :laughing:


I brought unicycling into the annual business report of a local bank… :wink:

Sorry, it’s a 12MB PDF to download and only one page is relevant…