Unicycle Spotting / Sighting Thread

The current Michael Jackson laser show at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, WA, USA, includes a short unicycle segment. It’s during P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), where unicycling is one of the things an animated floppy-eared dog does to try to impress a cute female bunny.
Strange? Yeah.

Here is a company logo I spotted a few months ago on a truck:

I was just watching the Mythbusters Viewer’s Special 2 (recorded on my DIRECTV DVR :D) and, at the very end, Mythbuster Adam Savage was talking at the camera asking for more viewer requested myths. He was wobbling back and forth like he was on a unicycle! After he was done talking, he turned around and rode down the length of the shop… on a unicycle! And not only a unicycle, a Giraffe! I thought this was pretty awesome…

Whose RV is this then??? Just spotted this while searching for links about unicycles on twitter.


Anyone else on twitter from these forums ?


Missoula has been doing a city beautification project which includes decorating power boxes. I came across this one covered with photos from Adventure Cycling Association, which is based here. The caption reads “July 26, 2010 - Benjamin - From Yorktown, Virginia, to Astoria, Oregon”. Unfortunately I had no idea about Benjamin’s journey when he came through town last year.

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Check of the United Church of Christ’s logo:

“That they may all be one”


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The United Church of Christ logo is great. I pointed out the unicycle connection to a pastor who was wearing it. She seemed surprised. :roll_eyes:


Benjamin’s ride is well documented on his website:



Cool, I hadn’t known about that site. His gear documentation is also giving me some ideas. . . .

Juggling Elephant

This is at Crown Hill Neighborhood in Seattle.

Just a stone’s throw from Harper’s house. I know because I threw stones at his house from here.



I know it’s a while a go but I saw two 36ers riding down main street in santa cruz! any ideas?

Not the purpose of this thread:

Unicycle in a title somewhere around 1:00.


The latest issue of Subaru’s Drive magazine has a photo of a unicyclist on its cover.

Stride Gum Packages


I notice it (either the photo or the collage) was credited to Greg Siple. I know his name was connected to unicycling as far back as the 80s, but I can’t seem to remember what for. But he’s part of the unicycle community too. :slight_smile:

at 0:44 there’s a unicycle in it :smiley:

I was looking through my Honda CR-V pamphlet the other day, and I discovered a small picture of a mountain unicyclist on the cover, saying “#5: Go Mountain Unicycling”

It’s official: I love the CR-V.

There was also a unicycle in the comic section a few days ago. There was a woman talking to a doctor, who said “I’m sorry, we did all we could.” He was followed by a juggling unicyclist, Elvis Presley and another guy whose name I don’t recall (I’m fairly certain he’s a dead guy, though). I thought it was cute :roll_eyes:

Do my eyes deceive me or is that really a uni rider?