Unicycle Spotting / Sighting Thread

I posted about Pete here a couple of years ago…

I came across this on FB Marketplace whilst looking for something else.


Just set up YouTube Family Sharing for Premium. Trial.

And was shocked when I sent an invite out to see the graphic used to say the invite was on its way:


That looks geared to me. And it’s clearly Felix the Cat!


An add in between one of my shows. Has a giraffe on a unicycle along with a lemur on a penny farthing, and what appear to be ¿beavers? on a bicycle. Almost wasn’t quick enough to get a snip.


so funny with the first fall where he bumps his nose on the treadmill after he’s already tumbled off. Basically when holding back on a uni to keep your balance, the treadmill should also stop, but naturally it will just keep going. Im not gonna try this at home.