Unicycle comic strip

a friend sent me this one:

Today’s Argyle Sweater Get it? CSPi…


argyle sweater 11-26.gif

cool but not funny

Goat’s most excellent find from his thread to this thread:



My buddy showed me this one: http://pajamaforest.com/2009/10/07/pop-a-wheelie/

Figured we can all relate to this at some point.

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I didn’t know Chuck Edwall had hair all over him…

Seriously, like most humor, the basis is in reality. Somebody saw that guy, obviously on a Coker, in some bike event somewhere. So who was it?

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I didn’t really laugh at any of the comics, but “wonky” made me laugh a little… and then my realization that “wonky” just made me laugh, made me laugh even more! :smiley:

I gotta use that word more.


uni fraz.gif

I know this is old and the link has changed but since no one seems to get it I’ll explain. Don’t know the source but it seems in the nature of ‘The Far Side’.

It is a simple irony. The strip presumes that a unicycle repair shop would unlikely have enough business to stay in business yet these two men are depicted as vying for their role at the top of this competitive market.

There are a lot of fun strips on here. I hadn’t seen this thread before.

Picked up a book in the local comic shop today and found this.
It’s called Truth Serum by Jonathan Adams if you’re interested.

From “The Buckets”, 2-28-2011 by Greg Cravens. Greg used to ride with the Memphis Unicycle Club.


Someone sent this to me. I don’t know where it’s from. Hmmm. I wonder if I should take this personally? Nah. I’d be wearing cycling clothes.


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One more comic strip

Another comic strips w/ a Uni in it


I love Malki’s comic strip. It looks so classy.

Public Displays of Unselfconciousness


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