Unicycle comic strip

…from our humble local newspaper in Rochelle. I never read the comics because they are about the worst comics I’ve ever seen. But this one caught my eye…



That is very amusing, although it’s easy to see how the quality overall might be low.

But more importantly it’s nice to see on the boards after an extended absense. Hope all is well by you.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

well, its nice that it was about unicycling… but it still was the stupidest thing ive ever read

It WAS nice that it was about unicycling but the strip was on par with the rest of the comics in our paper. They’re all just as stupid or worse.

Each year the paper calls and asks it’s subscribers for feedback. Each year my feedback is the same. Get better comics!



Thanks for the warm greeting. We haven’t been around the forums much this summer. There seem to be a few changes to the boards. I like what you’ve done with the place.

We’re still here but I have been job hunting outside of the area. After 14½ years in Rochelle, it may be time to move on. Nothing planned yet but it’s a devoping mindset.

We took the summer off of unicycle club. After three years of the Edwards family putting on club every Monday night, it was a welcome break. We just started back up this past Friday night. We’re going to be working on routines to use for performances. I’m talking with the local high school and nearby Northern Illinois University about performing for basketball halftimes this next season.

Been doing a lot of soccer this summer. The boys had three soccer camps, a wrestling camp, and a two week conditioning camp over the summer. Brad is back playing club this fall and Ben made the high school team. Matter of fact, Ben is a freshman but has started on the varsity team many times (Proud papa showing through).

Thanks for the welcome back. I’ll try to get back to the boards to keep up to date on the happenings.


If your looking to move check into Atlanta.:smiley: We would love to have you ad your family down here. Not to mention your passion for Uni.

Keep us up to date on your search.

i like how they rode kangaroo - style cranks :slight_smile:


their one footin it :sunglasses:

From today’s Monty comic strip:


Cool, Steve! What paper was that in? O yea, Yoops, that paper does have terrible comics!!! :astonished:

Here’s one from last week. BC has a lot of them, go figure (I know thats where the name came from).


racing stripe.gif



caw89 where is that comic from its great!

Made me laugh out loud!

Damn I wish I remember where I got it, its been on my comp a long time, I found it using google…

'nother cartoon


It’s not a comic strip but I just bumped into this picture of Officer Gotcha from ‘Jamie and the Magic Torch’. He was one of my favourite cartoon characters when I was a little guy. :slight_smile:


On Tue, 26 Apr 2005 20:11:38 -0500, “caw89” wrote:

>Damn I wish I remember where I got it, its been on my comp a >long time,
>I found it using google…

Try typing the filename in Google Images.

[Reposted directly on the newsgroup, the gateway doesn’t seem to work correctly.]

Klaas Bil

There’s a whole bunch of unicycle comic strips:

Unicycle comic strips

Some of them are pretty funny. Enjoy!