Silly Goat


It apears to only have one crank.

However this seems to be compensated for by the jet-pack.

what jetpack?

oh wait, it’s its hooves, haha.

MUNI, cool… where is this from?

that is freakin LOLFUL. :D:p:D

Maybe it’s a kangaroo…

Goat-kangaroo-muni… sweet…

Haha that other goats a real buzz kill.

:DI concur.

It’s the perfect hobby for a mountain goat!

It’s a classic.

I know!!! MOUNTAIN unicycling and MOUNTAIN goat. That other goats just jealous cuz he didn’t think of it first.

Its obviously a kangaroo uni.

Awesome lol.

Excellent find. I added it to the Unicycle Comic Strip thread.

What is the name of that strip?

If recognize the drawing style correctly, that’s Tundra.:slight_smile:

Heres a link