UNICON 14 DOCUMENTARY - by Jess Riegel

It took me much longer than I imagined to complete, but its done! The 52-minute feature documentary covers many events at this year’s Unicon, including: Freestyle, Street, Flatland, Trials, Downhill Gliding, Track events, Uni-Basketball, Uni-Hockey, Opening & Closing Ceremonies, and the Parade. The film also captures a bit of the fun that takes place in between the daily competitions. This documentary was made possible by the generous support of Municycle.com and Unicycle.tv. Thank you!!

The BEST way to watch the film is to download and burn the DVD image. This includes the full quality film, chapter index, director’s commentary, and more. The feature is conveniently broken up into 12 segments so the viewer has more control over what he or she wishes to watch!

Use a program like Nero or Roxio’s Toast to burn the downloaded .img file to a dvd disc. Pop in your DVD player and enjoy! Alternatively, you can play the .img file on your computer using a program like VLC player (available for both mac & PC). Currently, however, we are experiencing some problems with this method… try it and let me know.

Unfortunately I could not cover all Unicon 14 events. I really wish I could have captured the awesome MUNI competitions, but that particular day I decided to leave the camera behind and focus on competing.

I hope you enjoy!!


AWESOME!!! Had no idea you were making this. downloading now, feedback later.

I’m downloading it and I’m gonna burn it to a dvd like you said to do. I can’t wait, I know its gonna be awesome!

I’m d/ling too.

How much bandwidth does that site have? It seems to d/l pretty damn quickly (250kb/s), but a mirror or a torrent might be useful if it gets bogged down.

It’s so awesome! Jess did a really good job. Kit made a good interviewer too. It’s really entertaining and funny, I liked the intro too.

DVD image mirror: http://www.testebene.de/unicycle.tv/unicon_14_riegel.img
Thanks Olaf!



That was very well put together, and extremely entertaining.

I wish I was there, but I’m rather exited, because I may be going to the next unicon.

Twas awesome Jess! I look forward to your coming productions :smiley:


I was watching the high quality quicktime one and it was loading fine but then stopped loading in the middle of the flatland competition…so I’m loading it again after waiting a while so hopefully it will work all the way through this time…

omg yes !!! i’m always watching your konnichiwheel video and i am downloading this right now

Very nice as always; great memories. Plus it was great seeing more of the stuff I was not present for, especially the opening ceremonies (we were in DK, but driving around lost at the time!). I really missed having some of the MUni in there though…

uhgg…it froze once the interview in the trials section started. The video was great though, awesome filming and editing!

If you dont want to burn a dvd just virtually mount the cd image and watch it form there. Thats what I do.

4hrs left on it (just started) so ill watch it tomorrow.

I have no idea but ive tried downloading the flv,mov and wmv and none of them have downloaded properly.they have all finished downloading but have only done about 1/4 of the video

I couldnt delete my post in time but i used a program instead of firefox to download it and it worked fine.Awesome vid man :sunglasses:

i’ve really been looking forward to this- i’m going to get a dvd and burn it so i can watch it when i get back from work. :slight_smile:

at least all through work i can go “i’ve got something good to come home to!!”

That was seriously the best video i have ever watched in my whole life.It completely inspired me to work harder towards my goals.:smiley: Great work Jess

Nice work Jess, been looking forward to seeing all the bits I missed due to leaving early.

Fifty two minutes… Golly!

Did you include anything from Nakke?

Once again, nice work mate!

Great work Jess! Many thanks for investing so many houres in this Project.
We decide to offer the DVD online and for free to all of you.
Municycle.com sponsored the production a lot which makes the decision more easy :smiley: Thanks to them and all other who help to make it possible.

If you really like the DVD, feel free to use our Donation Button on utv. You will find your money in the next Jess Riegel Video project. There is no better investment possible this times :slight_smile:

Great video

Thanks for sharing. Truly impressive to see the global unicycle community come together.