Unicon 14 DVD

For those who still not realize it, Jess comnplete his great Unicon14 documentation, you can find the complete thread here
To make the access as easy as possible I post it now also here again with the actual download links. Enjoy it!

Here are the links to the .zip file which is also 2,8 GB big. You can download it here:
unicon_14_doc_riegel_DVD.zip or here:

After downloading and unzipping it, you should delete 2 files from the VIDEO_TS folder. Delete “UNICON14DENMARKDDVDSP.layout” and “VOB_DATA.LAY”
Then you can burn a normal DVD from it which should run on PC, MAC and standalone DVD Player. That DVD content a Menu and some features that you cant find in the .mov file :smiley:
For those who prefer smaller files there is still the option to download the mov, wmv or flash version. The mov is the best qualtity from those 3 smaller files.
You find those files here:
mov file
wmv file
flash file

Finaly you can just watch it on unicycle.tv

The mov file link you gave isn’t a dl link and I want to download a quicktime version

for me the mov links results in downloading a .mov video. However here is the full path: http://videos.unicycle.tv/727.unicon14-themovie.mov
Maybe your QuickTime Player is to old!?

It just loads on a page for me. I can still watch it…but I want to have it to watch always and it never seems to load all the way every time I try…

I downloaded the .img DVD file from the RSU thread, burnt it and watched in my DVD player. It’s a really cool movie, but it’s extremly glitchy for me. It keeps stopping at some sections, doesn’t work for others, loses sound, makes the sound choppy, etc, etc. Is it just me or did others have similar problems? Is the zipped version any better?

I loved the movie nevertheless, especially Kit’s interviews. I really hope I’ll be able to attend some conventions soon(WuKo?).

I don’t watch a copy of the zip file from a DVD by myself but I also got the feedback that a DVD made from the Zip file works fine in any DVD player and in a PC/MAC. The .img file never works for me, there seems to be some problems in the image structure.
So we only can say sorry to those who waste time which downloading the .img file. Jess just want to make it easy and comfortable for all of you and finally there is now a Version that results in a very nice DVD with over 56 Minutes of Video footage and the wise words of Jess.

And YES, we still reserved 3 minutes in the EUC/WuKo video for the interview between Kit and you Ivan :smiley: Please come!

Right-click -> save link target as

That was an awsome video, I espically like the street and frestyle.
Thank oyu for the link.:slight_smile:

Thank you, downloading the zip now:)

And that sounds great! I’ll start saving money for German beer right now.

German beer ist cheap :slight_smile:

Thanks Olaf! Really better than Jess link… Quickly and I think that it will not stop in the middle!

Svaing money for Wuko too :D… Maybe I will get a free airplane with my bonus miles :stuck_out_tongue: I hope to see you guys in there!

Nicely done video! I like that it captured a lot of people in interviews, as well as a variety of events. Jess did a great job with the editing.