UNICON 14 DOCUMENTARY - by Jess Riegel

Superb! Enjoyed every second of it! Nice work on the documentary. Seems like a memory for life.

Just finished watching… Jess, you did reet good.

The music and editing is absolutely spot on.

Brought back some excellent memories and makes me wish I’d stayed longer to see the rest of the shenanigans.

Are you planning on coming to Wuko?

Great movie, Jess! The gliding section at Sondermark School turned out really well.

Good music and editing, too! :slight_smile:

Awesome stuff!

Great dokumentation :slight_smile:

Can someone post a link to what i need to download to burn this movie on a dvd. Also on my laptop says compact disc rewritable is this what i need to burn a dvd. Any help would be great since i have no idea what im doing.
Thanks !

Awesome film! Enjoyed it very much!

You need DVD-+RW for burning dvds.

What you can do, is get Nero Vision, download the 460mb version of this movie. Go into Nero Vision, and select to make a MiniDVD. That uses a plugin that will burn your videos to a regular cd, that are playable in most dvd players. If you want to know more, use google, or go straight to Neros site.

Slim DVD burners for laptops are very cheap now, so you could just upgrade and be good.

Excellent film.

Kit, you are the Des Lynham of the unicycling world.

How do you download the thingy.?!? HELP

Edit: Vimeo. Megaupload?

copy the URL into the URL bar of your browser and press enter.

wget http://djwaiodwji.com/video.img

or w/e.

Cheers for the video downloading the full dvd now really looking forward to it!

btw. the guy bashing his rim near the end… (around minute 45)

thats me with the useless dob stuff…

could you possibly explain how to do this? DVD burner is being a pain

links dead

Download daemon tools lite and install it.

Once it’s installed right click on the icon in the system tray and ‘mount image’.

Select the movie and you should then be able to watch it with your usual video software with daemon tools acting as a virtual disk drive.

Have you tried the steps above or burning it to dvd?

Awsome Jess :smiley:

I could se me in the UNICON fun part, glinding down the hall and talking with miles and spencer in front of Lars shop, and in the party in the massage circle :smiley:

Really cool… The only thing is that the .img isn’t working that good… My mac said that it was broke, and my pc burned the dvd but the quality sucked…

Anyway, awesome job… Can’t wait to see more from you!

Yeah I followed Kit’s instructions and it plays fine some of the time, but goes AWOL if you try to skip around, and will sometimes skip or just freeze for no reason. Might try burning to DVD again, might just have been a dirty disk.

+1 I burned 2 dvds and they both didnt work proper.
It only showed the intro and right at the beggining of the opening ceremonies, then it would turn blocky and not show right.

It was a good vid, the trials looked the most fun IMO

I’ve got the exact same problem as above. If i just mount an image, it doesn’t even play. The sound is fine though.

Will watch the quicktime version.

O man gliding down that hall was soooo much fun! Destroyed my five ten’s but now I get them for wholesale price so woo!