Today I injured...

Kinda like the brag thread… But for injuries.

Post picture and/or explanations of what you have injured.
Figured I’d make this because it would be more sensible than making a whole thread for minor injuries.

What a great thread…not that you should brag for your injuries…But still cool idea, well I havent injured anything yet, since I havent been able to ride…:frowning:

Hmm got taken down.

Wonder why?

I while ago (MMMM) I hurt my arm from flying down a hill and not seeing a tree stump untill it was too late.(I then rolled into a tree :D) I notice now I’m quite alot more nervous of steep hills. :roll_eyes:

Today I got overconfident of my coker skills and was riding kinda fast on a parking lot, when I rode over a small hole. Don’t know what happened, but I managed to land with my butt on the asphalt. I think nobody saw me, but still… It hurts to sit down:o

I learned a few days ago why rolling up long pantlegs is a good idea when riding a fixed gear bike. Think pantleg caught in the chainring of a giraffe…but going 20mph x.x

Ouch! Did you tape it? :stuck_out_tongue:

today, i was sideways wheelwalking and my shoes were wet, i tried to readjust my grip on the seat and my feet slipped off the wheel…i came down full force on groin area on that little nub that sticks up on the top of the frame…

My worst injury was when I slipped on a wet log, fell on a sharp twig and ripped my sack.
It sucked.

I bet it did

Today I havent injured anything!

Just been sitting at home with some peaceful music going (3 cds of Kitaro) and crocheting.

half busted my knee on a round rail.
Wax blows! Damn skateboarders!

i agree. waz everthing. leave nothing untouched. HIPPIES!

Yesterday I got a really bad Pedal Bite… :frowning: The bad thing about it is that the new one is in the same EXACT spot as the scar from last time… :angry:
Now it hurts when I walk :smiley:

i busted "myself;) :roll_eyes: " and hurt my ankle on my mtb doing a big gap.

ive stained all pants from i think the past 4 days with blood… and i also stained my new shoes with blood… from hits to the shin. and im still 2 lazy 2 wear shin gaurds.

were shall i begin?

well yesterday i hit my ankle on the god fobbiden 07 DX cranks, and made one heck of a hole. let me skillfully draw a picture…

imagaine with me… go from the ground and hop up to rubber on the rail, then going from rail to the black box on the left, after words gap all off it on too the 2 footer at the far right. well i landed it but i did it too quickly and when i made the final gap i nailed my ankle on the crank. well that would be the third time if i’ve hit my ankle in the same place!

This ain’t a very glamorous injury, but it surprised me. I almost never stretch before I hop on my unicycle and I think I learned my lesson.

My dog usually accompanies me when I ride at night and I try to go fast enough to make her trot. Before long my leg started hurting just above my knee on the inside of my thigh. Every other revolution the pain increased so I hopped off an walked home. There was a bruise on my leg where the muscle was pulled. I’ve never seen that before so I googled it and now I see that it’s horribly common.

Ice pack for the rest of the evening.
No pain so far this morning. Maybe I’ll try again tonight.
I think I’ll stretch from now on.

I’m new to it so I’ve banged my shins and arms…when I get a little more experienced I’m buying saftey gear…

stretching doesnt really help such injuries. 10 years ago it was believed it did, but new research has shown that it only helps to stretch right after exercize, and it is actually bad to stretch b4 since your body hasn’t yet warmed up. stretching b4 only worsens ur chance of getting such injuries.