Today I injured...

Hmmm . everything I know is wrong. I hate it when that happens.

Thanks for the news, peleschramm. I guess the trick is to warm up gradually.

well… lets see… a few weeks ago I came off and bruised my tailbone. hurt for two weeks.


Your not wrong, just not doing it right.

When your muscles are cold, they are tight, and its bad to stretch cold muscles. This is what tons of people do before they exercise or do anything physical.

Properly, what you should do is warm-up, by jogging, jumping jacks, you know, anything that is cardiovascular and will get the blood pumping and body/muscles heated up.

After about 10-15mins of this, 5 mins if your rushing, then you can start your stretches.

After stretching, you’re good to go.

And like Pele was saying, after exercise, then you do more stretches.

So in short it goes, Warm-up, exercise, cool-down.

I’ve told the same to many P.E. teachers, non of them listened :roll_eyes:

yes warming up gradually is good. and i guess u can stretch afterwards, but im quite sure it will do little to prevent injuries in your workout. you see, my mom is a personal trainer… which is why i know this stuff.
And yes, even gym teachers on this very day remain ignorant about the importance of stretching after exercize instead of before… :angry:

Does anyone know anything about shin splints? Can they be caused from getting repeatedly smacked in the shin by a hard object such as a pedal? I might ride into town and go to the hospital to get my shin checked out. I did it about 4 days ago now, I didnt feel I hit very hard, I have done harder but its still realy swollen now and still hurts when I walk, worse than anything else I have done to my shin.

I’m about to go and do a drop off my roof on my uni just so i can post it here after :smiley:

Don’t you all hate that feeling you get after you fall right on your bum and it feels like it is bleeding? Well I do. Earlier today I tried to rolling hop up a simple 2 set, and I hit the edge of the second step with the wheel, leaned back, and fell right onto the next stair on my butt. After this, it hurt to sit, but it was really not that bad… I could still manage to ride. It is hurting me all day. But it gets better.

About 20 minutes ago, I got 5 Rolling 180 unispins in a row. After the fifth one, I attempted one more, and missed the cranks completely, and landed with the wheel between my butt cheeks. too much info. Now it hurts tremendously, and I question if I will ride again today or tomorrow. I probably will later, but it hurts soooo bad!

falling on a butt hurts…i feel ya;)

I knew I made this thread for a good reason.


Someone had to say it, and no one was saying it.

thats cause you dont ride BIF

first page…last post…
i hurt “myself”

i did say it and u dont ALWAYS hurt yur balls and u dont say it unless u hurt them. (from improper positioning)<<<–thats what i did:o

Pedal bites suck.

Dude you should wear shin pads!!! Did this a few days ago, but i pulled the muscle in the left side of my back, couldnt bend it without getting an excrutiating pain all the way down my back. Its gettin better now but i still cant jump when im riding my unicycle. Happy New Year!!

I usually do wear shin pads, but recently I haven’t. Need to get back in the habit of doing it. I’m thinking I need ankle guards too because my ankle and around my achilles tendon has been a bit scratched up too.

New Year’s Eve at 1600ish I’d just finished up a fairly hard 6 mile Muni ride (after running a hilly ten miles earlier in the day) and was pretty well tuckered out. But rather than stop and relax the rest of the day, I changed clothes and grabbed my trials uni and went out front to my home trials course, a couple of fun/tricky skinnies and some other drop and gap things. Anyways the newest feature is this 8" diameter crooked log that is about 20 feet long, it bends left, right, up and down all along it’s entire length; it is also elevated about 2ft+ end to end. Well, I should know better than to do tricky trials when my legs are dead, but NOOO I had to attempt this big lines (for me) and wouldn’t you know it I my tire unexpectidly slipped off the cooked log about half way through throwing me forward and down rather faster than I could react and my face met the cooked log rather hard about the same time my collar bone struck the cement pipe crooked log support! It all happened so fast I didn’t really piece together until the next day what happened. Long story short I spent 7 hours in the ER waiting room just to get 10 stickes in my lovely face between my mouth and chin! The moral to this story: Don’t do tricky i.e. potentially dangerous, trials when you are tired and don’t have your “catlike” reflexes ready to go! Also don’t go to the ER on a big Holiday! Or ever! At least they had football on in the waiting room so rather than sitting at home watching football I was at the ER…

Today I shattered my collar bone, snapped my spine, dislocated my knee and fractured my pelvis. -Jackass the game is fun!

…some little kid, he was so flipping anoying :angry:

Don’t be violent!