No uni'ing for a while : /

broke both bones in my right leg and broke my left humerus.

Closest thing I’ll get to uni’ing is riding in a wheelchair

hmmmmm i JUST make an injeries thread…(even though there was one before mine)

how did u do that?

OMG! what happened…was it uni related?? :astonished:

a dirtbike accident

2 wheels!!! bummer…

Here it is: Today I injured...

Just for reference. :wink:

Ow, that sucks…You know how long until you’ll be able to uni or for that matter, any extreme sports???

You still have a good right arm… Try Finger Jousting. :slight_smile:

But seriously, that really bites. I pray you heal quickly.

Have you tried transfuring yoiur uni skills to this?