Today I... (brag thread)

Today I hurt my arm while doing a trials line. Got a 2" cut, blood, gash, yuck.

Thank goodness for the Coker :slight_smile: I am probably like 3/4 done my sponsorship request video :slight_smile:

Wow nice job! We are looking at a good up and coming Chicago Street Crew!

Also I could only do half revs (switch and reg) for the longest time, even after I learned crankflips and all the basic flip tricks. I just got them one day. I think its different with everyone.

Getting backwards riding slowly, can now officially idle. It’s a long arduous road to the top, but its worth it, so why rush?

Definitely different for everyone. I’ve been trying to crankflip for ages and still can’t :frowning:

By “rev’ing” do you mean just a half of a flip?

a revolution is when you just pedal really fast around 1 time, like a crankflip but your feet stay on the pedals

yesterday i rolling hopped over a 33.5 inch bar. didn’t reallly try any higher.

… managed to uni to work and back - 2 miles each way.

Actually I did this return trip AFTER I had done my day’s work and cycled home by b*ke, AND before my supper. So, it was effectively a 4 mile trip on an empty stomach all of which is WAY over my previous distance record.

I was trying to see if (a) I could do the distance and (b) how long it would take when I actually started commuting by uni.


Out - 23mins, UPDs 1, PDs 4
Back - 25mins, UPDs 1, PDs 3
Uni - 24"

The UPDs were both at a pub on the way where the path is pretty bad, and traffic comes and goes into the car park.

The PDs were where I had to cross main roads, or go through a little alley with a sharp bend half way down it.

One real highlight was that I managed to cope with a curve on a hill going both down and up (when very tired). Previously, before I had done some “training” on holiday with a steeper hill and a sharper curve, I had bottled out just as the slope got off horizontal!

I am well pleased with the result, and not too shattered! A shower, 2 pts of tea and a pizza and I’m fine.

Hark! I hear a 29" calling!


Today me and Any_Terrain rode a bunch of places and were able to ride down a super steep dirt mound and even found a Muni trail that’s so awesome :smiley:

I rode down ~6" curb for the first time and didn’t fall!

Did a glide into a 180 unispin down…THANKS SPENCER LMAO

today i ordered new parts for my 20" uni.

got a -KH07 frame for $150 AUS
-KH fusion street saddle
-onza seatpost clamp
-CrMo seatpost

and should be heading down to a LBS to
pick up some oddysey twisted pc’s (:

i finally landed the 180 unispin like 10 minutes ago!!!1

I landed a rev a couple of days ago and I learned to ride backwards a little better and am fetting closer to 360’s.

I can now leg wrap!!!

I rode 10 - 15 pedal strokes several times on my UW - which hasn’t been out for a couple of years.

I rode up some steep and rough hillocks that I didn’t think I could ride.

I clocked 12.6 mph max (20.27 kph) on the Holy Roller: 26" with 125 mm cranks… without doing a running face plant!

How exactly do you do a leg wrap? And is it the when you wrap your leg around the uni? If the last questions obvious feel free to make fun of me.

A leg wrap is a snack, not suitable for vegetarians.

I found this and it really helped just look at the vid

you welcome:p :smiley:

Could you give me answers while you make fun of me?
Thank you. :sunglasses: