Today I... (brag thread)

I Think you should be ordering;)

I think I need money.
I got my post rewelded and it seams fine right now… I also got my stifner plate rewelded, feels a little wierd when sitting but it is okay, I got a new frame (under warrenty)…

If I do buy a post it will be a qu-ax ($20?)
And when I get a new rim it will be a nimbus 36 hole ($35+$20 for 14g spokes)
And I might get a Cf base ($100)

good plan!!

Today I got a new tube, and I rotated my cranks. I also rebroke my post after about 5 hours of use with it being rewelded, I can still use the post though because it is broke in the back (i flipped the post when putting it back on), it just feels a little wierd when hopping SiF.
EDIT: I also fixed my seat so it doesn’t feel as wierd, I just have to sit a little more back.
I did a 270 unispin to 180 unispin (on wheel).

My rims are all fairly true.

Also, what happens when a pebble gets jammed in there?

“Tried” (keyword) to grind a a metal bench today with my pedal. I kept slipping backwards.

Finished shaving an old tyre

know i can go down te 15 set

I finally talked 2 of my friends into learning to ride.:smiley:

I did a static semi-flip and got 12 hops on wheel with the seat in back (name?)

what’s a semi flip? 1/2flip?


Well yesterday I landed big spins, pretty shit ones but they’ll get better now I know how it feels to 360 unispin and turn at the same time. Also got tyre step body varials reasonably easily, first time I committed I got them. I’m not sure exactly what the name is but you start seat in, step on the tyre and crown of the frame and then swing your other leg round and jump down to the pedals.

O and I found a great online NZ BMX store. They sell most stuff for half the price do :P. I finally bought odyssey twisted plastics, $25, whereas they would’ve been $45 on UDC lol. I’m really pleased I’ll finally get to try them out, they look like such awesome pedals. They should arrive tomorrow.

I want a vid of all your stuff. do you have one?/\

Well if me and ground_zero can pick a song he is going to start to put together a video of us soon… We still need to film a lot of stuff though…

Almost 300 posts for you!

I’m landed my first 360 unispin today. woooooooooo:D


wow 300 such a small number

crankflip…!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
I got it before I got a 360 unispin…

Hmm, I still can’t get the cranks to move fast enough :frowning:

EDIT: learn to rev. first.
When learning try flipping it behind you, you wont land but you can see how fast you flip it and then when doing this gradually flip it less behind you until that isn’t possible. I then learned how to semi-flip then 3/4 flip and then static semi flip (this IMO helps a lot with the “appling pressure” part). I then did crankflips (same day as static semi-flips)!

Oh… and I failed to mention I didn’t do it on flat. I did it off a objext about 1.25 inches (3.175cm)