Today I... (brag thread)

Wheel walked for about 5 meters!!!

did a 37 mile ride with about 15000 other cyclists(only 8 people on unis) and finished in 3 hours and 50 minutes.

Did you beat any bicyclists?

That’s just about the setup I was thinking of…but I’m not sure the nimbus frame has enough clearance for a 24 by 3.0 tire:(

I finished in the upper half of the entire group on the ride that day.

EDIT: I will also be spending quite a bit of time online next week searching for all the pictures that got taken of me lol

When you drop the seat and catch it with you toe and stall. (name?)
And did a leg wrap on my fisrt try. Going for the double now, then with the other leg. And then sidehopped a 4ft. gap.

Today I uploaded my all my good artistic photos from NAUCC: Unicycle Event Photo Gallery Thread

today I decided i’m getting a KH36. Can’t wait for tuesday! :smiley:

Are you made of money? You can’t stop buying unicycles lol.

Anyway today a new 08 KH frame was sent over from germany because I broke my 07 one. But unfortunately didn’t ask if I wanted a long neck frame or not (I did want one), just sent it. They’re also lucky I haven’t changed my address since my last purchase a few months ago.

I also would of liked to combine shipping on odyssey plastic pedals with the frame. I’ve been waiting for UDC NZ to stock the pedals for ages but they’re $45! No way I’m paying that for plastic pedals, it’s rediculous.

Nope, i’m not made of money :stuck_out_tongue: I’m selling my trials bike, and i’ve been saving.

Today I called Darren (Bedford Unicycles) and confirmed to buy a KH36!

today I landed a fakie hickflip, fakie outflip, and a outdoubleflip.

I also practiced triples on a 2 set but its hard when its so hot and humid out your hands get sweaty so fast and its hard to pull the uni up. It doesn’t help either when theres only a 2 rev lead up.

I also bought a panasonic pv-gs320 for 300 bucks plus I got a $75microsoft live rebate so I really got it for $215 which is incredible.

Today I got my seat rebuilt with my welded seat stiffner and post. The seat is so much better! It doesn’t move one bit!
I also lowered my air pressure and found it much easier to do some stuff like 180 on wheel, seat wrap, 180 unispin to 180 unispin, and a little more stuff. Harded to do rolling wraps though.

Me, too. :slight_smile:

Today I finally got in-to-in 3spins. There so fricken hard. I wouldnt stop my session till I go them though. I also got blind 3spins. I think i bent my rim from falling on it so much:). I also had a pretty cool bail. I fell off the unicycle and landed in a perfect handstand.

Well lowering the air pressure caused me to to get a hole in my tube/stem. It is not able to be fixed :frowning: cause it is where the tube meets the stem. Now I need to go get a tube before I can ride :frowning:

I got that last week. Isn’t it a great camera?

I love it.

Today I went to Bedfords! I got my KH36! I got it with 125s, and Odyssey twisted plastics. It’s so much fun !

Look in post your unis here, and custom kris holm unicycle thread soon :slight_smile:

When I was at Darrens I also saw the new KH Sym Cranks, KH Longneck, KH Double Crown, 08 KH20s, it was a blast !

Thanks Darren! :slight_smile:


youre so lucky!!

Well the inner wall of my 08 KH rim is cracked in one spot…
First the frame, stiffner plate, post and now this.

How long does a rim usually last after it is cracked? (assuming I am going to rotate the cranks)