Today I... (brag thread)

Today I broke my 07 KH seatpost by 180ing a 3 stair :frowning:
At first I thought it was my seat base (stifner plate is broken/bent (I think)), but then I looked under to find the crack and I saw the post…
I also did a backroll to 180unispin, and a 90unispin to 180 (on wheel) before it broke.

anyone know when the 08 are going to be in stock at UDC (US)?

Took apart my seat, It is broken… I think I can get it rewelded (My dad is getting my post rewelded so I can use it until the 08 comes out, gettin the plate welded shouldn’t be much trouble) so it doesn’t bend as much, and until I get my CF.

Maybe a bit. I didn’t ride for long at all, and my post was very loose so it kept twisting lol. I was to lazy to go back in and tighten it (I was sessing that triple 2 stair by my hotel)

Yeah! I learnt to ride backwards today! Woo! First post here :).

YEOP! i can land frontflips into my foam pit. its really not that hard. i’ll try land them on grass soon.

i finally did a decent 180 (on flat) where i got a couple revs backwards

Today I had an awesome 4 set sess with Mikael. Highlights include crankflip up, fullvarialflip down, and outfifth down (we’re not sure we got the outfifth on video though, as when we went to check the camera about a minute or two after I landed it the battery was out :o :frowning: )

Pele, you flipped up a 4!??!!?! I thought you struggled to jump up a 4.

eh… yeah. I guess I can now flip almost as high as I can jump…

I can jump up a 4 consistently, but I don’t think I can really jump up a 5. Maybe with a shorter seat after many tries. I don’t exactly struggle, but I can’t jump much higher.

It took me two tries to flip up, and then a few more to get it clean.

Today my MG1 pedals arrived!

Love em so far!

10 5spins within a 1/2 hour. no. 7,8, and 9 were in a row.

…am posting on here for the first time in aaaages, but…

… went for a 2 mile ride with my g/f, only she was riding her horse behind me. Which obviously attracted a couple of strange looks from people, as it would look like I was being chased by a horse…and it doubled as a trip to try out the new magura hs33 I was bought as a surprise by my wonderful g/f :smiley: (early birthday present, woo hoo!)

today I’m suffering from whiplash after I faceplanted into a rockgarden on a hill last night!

My face hurts and my chest took a lot of the force. I’m going to bed…

Today I did an intense trials line!

It will be in my next vid :slight_smile:

Today I bought my new unicycle parts. I got a nimbus wheelset w/ Tensile cranks, a nimbus frame, and a metal stiffner for my seat handle. I’ll have a real solid uni when it gets here I can’t wait!

add 2 more from tonight = 12 5spins in a day. before I had only landed 3; 2 the first day I got them and 1 more a couple days later.

I… ate a bowl of cerial

What kind of Muni?

I decided to go out and try to grind a baseball bench. Hopefully I will be able to do it. Off I go!

Today I landed 2 rolling unispins from SI to SO and could roll out. :smiley: :smiley:
I also landed some leg wraps and leg wrap mounts
The bad thing is that now the backs of my legs are collorfull