Today I... (brag thread)

So, I think it would be pretty cool if there was a thread here for people to brag about the tricks they’ve just learned or the height/length they’ve just hopped without having to make a new thread. I’ll start.

Yesterday, I transitioned from one-foot riding to one-foot idling and back again for the first time, I seat-out hopped up a curb and rode off for the first time, I came closer to a suicide mount than ever before (I can do the jump onto the pedals, but only if I hold onto the seat), and I went in a backwards circle with a smaller radius than ever before.

So, did you pick up a new trick today? Finally make that six-foot static side hop? UPD for a stupid reason? Post here!

Those skills are worth bragging about. cool!

Me, after a few months of little riding due to winter weather, I’ve been getting out again. My brag is that although I’ve lost some endurance, my skills from last year are still intact. I know it’s not much of a brag, but I’m glad not to be losing ground.

Well, at my skill level they are…not at the level of anyone else on this board!

Today I sideways wheelwalked one and a half revolutions, which is over two metres on a 24".

Go Ivan!

Just a few days ago I did a fun little stunt:

I wheelwalked up a short yet super steep driveway, 1ft wheelwalked a quick U-turn, and glided back down with my unused foot off the frame. Very fun. The tough part is preventing shoe slippage on the way up.

Ooooh! And I can almost indefinitely seat drag in front. I even fabricated a neat little polyethylene (cutting-board) block onto my freestyle seat as not to kill the nice handle on the concrete.

Freestyle FTW! :sunglasses:

today i learned how to grind!!

spectacular UPD

OK so this isn’t really an accomplishment but i had a spectacular UPD this morning. I was going a fair clip when i hit a pothole, got thrown from the uni, smacked my knee on the touring handle, ripped my pants, and got a bit of road-rash on my shoulder from the roll. I walked back to the uni and the handle was partially broke, my right petal now moves a little bit on the spindle and my wheel was bent enough that it was rubbing the breaks.

I trued the wheel on the side of the road then rode home a little bit slower.

I guess the accomplishment could be: right before the UPD was the fastest I have ever gone on a uni:)

I rode down my first 4 set backwards the other day!!

I’ve gotten better at hands off hopping too. i went up a curb, and 180’d down hands off the same day as the 4 set!!YAY!!!

and after was the fastest youve gone off the uni! :smiley:

Today I got a new personal record riding backwards - 4.5 revolutions.

I rode 12km in 32:44, meaning 22km/h (13.6 mph) average.

Including a big crash, and some bumpy bits that you couldn’t ride flat out. The rest I rode at 24 km/h pretty consistently.

I was quite happy with that, although it would have been nice to not have crashed.


Yikes. On a 36", or did you have gears? I can’t even imagine doing that without one or the other.

29" Schlumpf.

I was pleasantly surprised, as I don’t use a speedometer, so I’ve got no idea how fast I go. I printed out time sheets for which streets on the course I had to pass at particular times for 20,21 and 22 km/h, thinking I’d probably do 20km/h, in the end I came in exactly on the 22km/h time, to the second, which was a weird coincidence.


yea, check out my threads, whenever I get a new trick on video, I put it on, right now, ive been doing mainly trials this week, and practicing old skills.

I learned I have a nice verticle jump, i can get my pedal on top of a very high picnick bench, about 30 inches high. (nice for me)

line i landed just today:

-pedalgrabbed a thin 4 ft wall, to rubber <clean as funk>
-rode along fast
-180’d off
-rode backwards for a bit
-180’d to normal
-i was about to 180’d the curb buuut i thought in the middle …‘why not 360’ so i did <clean-first time>
-rode for a bit
-i saw a stopsign used it to spin 180
-rode towardes the curb i just 360’d onto
-and rolling hopped this line painted on the road which was about 1 m nd 3/4

i was well pleased…it jus flowed soo well i jus jumped off the uni and did that snappy fingers thing ppl do alot in wales


my brag for tody :smiley:

I broke my Scott Wallis Deathgrip handle.
But I also learned to wheelwalk and one foot with both feet. Not at the same time either.

You pedal grabbed a 4 foot high wall?! That’s freaking impressive!

its reli not that hard :p…nd thanks =]

and im shite at uniin ppl ive seen ppl who can crankflip by 9 months of riding

i can hardly think about it nd ive being going for a year lol

I UPD’d into a mud puddle 1 foot deep at the bottom. :smiley:

haha nice…was it a wet ride before?

gawd i hate riding on wet gound…especially as i have a slick tyre